5 facts about destination wedding in the city of joy


Destination wedding in Kolkata has several aspects, including organizing a completely trendy wedding to keep up with the traditions. But sometimes this can really turn up hectic, because your family gets to choose everything or the wedding planner. Banquet halls in Kolkata, afe made appropriate for auch destination chores. But few things are meant to be done beforehand.

1.Hiring a planner

Destination wedding in Kolkata needs to be organised by professional wedding planners. You don’t have to worry while you plan your destination wedding in kolkata. The wedding planners are well skilled and they are enough to take care of all your wedding needs. They will always make sure to let you have the best wedding experience which you always wished for.

They will take care of everything from booking accommodation to helping you find the best banquet halls in Kolkata, wedding photographers, makeup artists and also taking care of your wedding guests as well.

2.Booking of the star hotels in Kolkata

Banquet halls in Kolkata have some seriously amazing wedding venues such as Club Verde Vista, PC Chandra Gardens, JMS Villa and Garden, Imperial Garden to name a few. For resort weddings, you have Vedic Village, Calcutta Boating and Hotel Resorts. There are some of the finest Banquet halls in Kolkata such as Peerless Inn, Smriti Banquets.

For a destination wedding in a hotel you have Park Palace, Pipal Tree etc. All these venues provide the finest professional service starting from catering to decoration to everything which will surely amaze and surprise you and the guests.

3.Rooms for spending the night

If it is a destination wedding in Kolkata, then undoubtedly you need to book several hotel rooms in the banquet halls in Kolkata or some Hotel. Not only your guests are going to be staying in there, but also you along with all the wedding preparations.

In that case, one has to make a sire, the rooms are sufficient enough to fit all the relatives and families which have to be previously booked for the destination wedding in Kolkata.

4.Wedding theme

Theme based weddings are a major trend these days with the destination wedding in Kolkata. There are several marriage based themes that you can choose from. After the confirmation of the banquet halls in Kolkata, you can opt for a bengali theme by hiring bengali folk dancers to put up a performance and also you can ask the guests to wear bengali outfits which will surely go on with the theme of your wedding.

You should also select the venue for the theme based wedding party and the banquet halls in Kolkata serve an ideal option for that. Make sure that decoration of everything starting from the furniture to the cutlery items is synonymous with the chosen theme.

5.Rented transport

Transportation of guests to and fro and accommodating is one of the most important things that needs to be planned well. Try booking a Banquet hall in Kolkata, that becomes easy for the guests to arrive. In that way you can save a bit of money on transportation.

On the wedding day, hire a bus instead of several cars and this will surely help you from having a hole in your pocket. And always negotiate a daily rate instead of per you are pretty unsure how many trips the bus would make.

Banquet halls in Kolkata usually prefer to be honest and coordinate to the ones choosing to have their wedding in Kolkata. Destination wedding in Kolkata has a lot to do but mostly a lot more effort and work before the big da

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