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All You Need To Know About Indoor Lucky Bamboo Plant


Lucky bamboo or Dracaena Sanderiana came into the scene around 4000 years ago in Chinese culture. In Chinese culture, the plant is called Fu Gwey Zhu, where Fu means luck and fortune, Gwey means power and honour while Zhu stands for Bamboo. In Asia, it is known to bring good fortune, positive energy and harmony in your home

From those times till date, it remains one of the most popular Feng Shui practice which works on the balance of Earth, water, wood, metal, and fire. It is very recently that the plant has found its way in Western culture as well.

Different bamboo designs hold different significance. However, all arrangements are sure to bring well being to you and your dear ones. Know the meaning of different arrangements below:

  • One stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to bring good luck and represents a strong life filled with wealth. It is called the Lucky Log.
  • Two stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to bring luck in love. It is the expression of love and known to double or multiply your luck.
  • Three stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to bring three kinds of luck to your home. One is happiness (Fu), the second is long life (Soh), and the third is wealth (Lu)
  • Four stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to bring negative energy and should NEVER be kept or gifted. In Chinese culture, the number four sounds the same as the word death and thereby, a four stalked bamboo is never found as it draws sha (negative energy)
  • Five stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to bring prosperity and wealth. It benefits the five areas of your life, namely Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Intuitive and Emotional.
  • Six stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to bring luck. The word six in Chinese culture sounds the same as luck. So, powerful luck and enormous wealth are some of the advantages.
  • Seven stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to bring good health
  • Eight stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to bring growth and better living
  • Nine stalk arrangement of lucky bamboo is often gifted and known to bring good luck to the recipient
  • Ten stalk arrangement of lucky symbolizes complacence. It represents the wish “May you have everything you desire.”
  • Tiered arrangement of lucky bamboo is known to invite powerful blessings and enduring health and wealth.

Not just this, the ribbon used to tie lucky bamboo holds significance too. They can be of various colours.

  • The white ribbon is known to symbolize confidence and purity. It is often coupled with a purple ribbon that represents purity in a greater sense.
  • The blue ribbon, particularly navy blue, is a symbol of calmness, healing, and relaxation.
  • The yellow ribbon represents cheerfulness and is a good sign of a happy friendship.
  • The pink ribbon is a sign of love and romantic fire and is often clubbed with red to trigger the message grandly.
  • The orange ribbon represents concentration and encourages creativity.

Easy Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lucky Bamboo

Being a popular indoor plant, lucky Bamboo is widely available. If you have got yourself bamboo plants online or received one as a gift, carefully check for their leaves in the first instance and trim wherever necessary in order for the fresh leaves to arrive.

Bamboo plants prefer low, filtered sunlight. They do not need soil to grow but might need a mild liquid fertilizer like “Super Green” or “Green Green” once every month. The water level in the container should be a couple of inches and needs to change every two weeks and mist it regularly. Make sure to use bottled water or distilled water as the fluoride in the tap water can kill the plant. Be mindful of the temperature as the bamboo plant can survive comfortably between 65–95°F (18–35°C). Lucky Bamboo is toxic to pets. So, make sure they do not consume the leaves as it can cause vomiting, indigestion and more.

Lucky Bamboo is a versatile plant and is one of the most gifted ones, as well. So, gift one Lucky Bamboo to your dear ones and wish them love, luck, happiness and prosperity.

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