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Best Brands of Air Conditioners to Expend Your Money on


If you are looking forward to spending your money on an Air Conditioner for a comfortable summer in India, then you have come to the right place. The most eminent brands of Air Conditions in India are Haier, Daikin, Voltas, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Blue Star, Hitachi, O General, Samsung, Carrier and many more. The AC Price List in India is within easy reach – you can find then on any site. Now, let us discuss some of the best brands of Air Conditioners available in the Indian market.


You must have already heard of Haier as a famous brand that produces and sells various products like refrigerators, water heaters, LEDs, washing machines, and Air Conditioners. Haier Air Conditioners are most well-known for their long durability, capable performance, and outstanding cooling. The price of the devices varies depending on the constancy and features provided.


Based on Japanese technology, Daikin has been manufacturing Air Conditioners that have been working in India for decades. Due to its pocket-friendly cost, adding that they always provide their consumers with the newest features in the Air Conditioners, Daikin has made its name in the market. Once installed in your home or office chamber, you need not worry about the heat and rely on Daikin ACs to keep you comfortable.


Indian customers have relied on Voltas mainly for they guarantee the longevity of their products. Voltas Air Conditioners are power-saving. They have been able to reach more consumers and onlookers with the help of their functional advertising movements. You can look up the cost on the AC Price List in India.


Did you know that LG is a South Korean brand that is very popular among Indian users? They use the latest technology in their Air Conditioners and mostly stress on bestowing quality to their buyers. The price ranges in the Indian market change with features provided and the quality of the products.


Hitachi was launch in Japan in the year of 1920. They are well known for manufacturing power-efficient devices. The Air Conditioners fabricated by Hitachi comes with additional features. One such remarkable feature is the auto climate option that is particularly in need of India’s present climate.

Blue Star

An interesting fact about Blue Star: It is the oldest electronic corporation in India. The company was inaugurated in 1943. Renowned AC models – 5HW12SC 1-ton Split AC and 3HW12FC 1-ton Split AC. Known for its conduction and cooling, Blue Star Air Conditioner Price comes accordingly. If you want to buy their ACs for you can look up the Blue Star Air Conditioner Price ranges on the Internet.

Above are listed some of the most popular and best brands of Air Conditioners currently available in the Indian market. We guarantee that your expenditure would be nifty.

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