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The television industry has evolved and grown in the last one decade or so, like never before. From the basic colour TV sets to the modern HD television set – the journey has been long and bumpy for sure. One of our favourite past-time today is to sit and watch television programmes. With family, friends or all alone, most of us love the live cricket matches and the daily soaps that cannot be given a miss at any cost.

As the TV industry has grown, so has our desire to watch the content in the best quality and format. From the simple black and white sets that would sit silently  on a corner table in our living rooms to the trendy stylish High Definition and IPTV sets that bring to you incidents in the real-time mode with flawless accuracy, our choices and preferences have evolved to a great extent, no doubt.

With the introduction of the firestick and other streaming services, our world of entertainment has opened up and there are innumerable movies, documentaries and TV shows that keeps us engrossed and occupied. All that we want from our devices and gadgets is to be smart, fast and provide quality watching experience.

If you are planning to buy a TV or upgrade to a higher version sometime soon, then you must consider buying it from an online reseller platform. Some of the reputed online resellers in the Indian scenario today are Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe. While one can argue about the pros of buying a new television set from the online medium and how the offline medium is not a bad option either, the truth is that though both the platforms offer multiple options to the buyer at the same place, the online medium is way too fast and prompt than the manual process. Obviously it is powered by technology where search results and websites load at less than 3 seconds; the manual offline process can in no ways match upto the speed levels of the online medium. This alone makes the entire process convenient and better.

Also the offline medium has some aspects of safety related issues – for example, your wallet could be stolen or you could misplace your credit card – with the online medium the process is much safer. This is because you conduct such operations from the safety of your home or office, so wallets cannot be stolen for sure. Also you need not pay using cash for the online medium offers you plenty of other payment choices that are mostly digital methods of payment.

However, when you are making payments for a new TV set, remember to ensure couple of things to make the process safe and transparent.

  • You should for sure use a private internet connection rather a public one.
  • You should cross-check the padlock symbol of the website.
  • You should also read about the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the site.
  • You should also be aware of the Return Policy and the Refund Policy of the reseller site in case of any issues.
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