10 Best Multi Sports Holiday Camp Activities for Kids


The best and most popular sports holiday camp activities for kids and children in summer return with heat and sweat. It is an ideal time to get out of the big cities and enjoy all the activities offered for children in nature, on the beach or on the outskirts.

School is over and parents are hitting each other with a big problem, “What do we do with the kids while we’re working?” We can enjoy them with ideas from this article: compilation of home games for children if we are lucky enough to have time. Grandparents and the people can often help, although there are other alternatives that are more rewarding for young people

The cities, in the summer months, are very boring and the municipal swimming pools are crowded, so the summer camps for children are an oasis during these endless hot months, offering days full of activities, in which young people think of nothing else but to have fun, meet new friends and learn.

1. Sports Holiday Camps Activities for Kids

Sport, nature, health and fun for children, a perfect symbiosis. The huge meadows are not wasted in children’s summer camp activities. Volleyball, football, basketball or hockey competitions are classic, but more original ones such as aerobics, archery or saber-foam fencing can be added to them. Visit Elite Sports Academy official website for booking.

Many of the activities that the little ones learn in these camps include sports that they could hardly do during the year, which helps them to promote collaboration and teamwork. At a summer camp, competitions don’t revolve around “winning” but rather fun and camaraderie.

Another of the sports activities that are usually carried out in summer camps are bicycle routes, with stops at nearby points such as towns, viewpoints, waterfalls or pools , ideal places to eat and hydrate a little, before continuing pedaling. Best Sports Holiday camps in Dubai for kids

2.Water Activities

There is no better way to combat heat than with water. Games in the pool, swimming championships or canoeing and sailing are the most refreshing that are usually carried out among summer camp activities for children. The little ones are immersed in beautiful landscapes where cars or buses do not thunder and where they can enjoy nature with total freedom.

3. Walking Routes and Excursions

In most summer camps, young people have the opportunity to experience totally different environments. Many of these summer camp activities for children consist of mountain hiking, rivers, ravines, natural pools … In addition, some of these excursions are aimed at reaching a nearby traditional town, to enjoy by visiting historical places or architecture.

4. Track and Track Games:

In groups, it is about finding someone hidden in the camp, a place or an object. With a map and following a marked route or looking for clues that lead to others until you find the final objective. In this other article we talk about Great Camping Games for Large Groups.

5. Summer Camp Activities on the Environment and Recycling

We all want our children to understand how important it is to take care of the planet. For this reason, some of the summer camp activities for children that we find most interesting are those that have to do with contact with nature and animals (goats, cows, sheep, horses, etc.), awareness of the planet resources (recycling courses, among others) or natural food processing.

6. Maritime Activities

Have you thought about targeting your child in a Sea Camp? In it you can carry out great sports activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, surfing, canoeing, sailing, snorkeling or windsurfing in sports facilities or on the beach itself, with a 24-hour organization, which may include excursions to coastal towns, ports or islands (by boat).

7. Zip line and climbing

Boys and girls love to climb trees, swing, and jump from one branch to another. Zip-line multi-adventure circuits are one of the most original and fun children’s summer camp activities on offer at some multi-adventure summer camps.

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Thanks to professional security measures (harness, helmet, gloves, etc.), young people can climb and cross from tree to tree using zip lines and pulleys.

8. Horseback Riding

Most favorite’s activity among the summer holiday camp activities for children, is to go horseback riding. On their backs, children can make small and safe group routes. In addition, this experience helps them lose their fear of animals and learn a new sport, while enjoying the outdoors, an unforgettable experience.

9. Competitions of all Kinds

New Adventures are list in a camp every day and one of the most fun consists of holding contests of all kinds: photography, video, dances, multi-tests, cooking, etc. Virtually any game can be adapted as a test and turned into a very fun activity. Here we explain several possible games.

10. Music Workshops

Having fun playing instruments is another of the summer camp activities for star children. Personalized and sometimes disastrous concerts help to escape shyness and, in some cases, even discover new talents.

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