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Distinguishing aspect making Gateway Green Apartments unique


Gateway Green Apartment in Forest Lake consists of a couple of buildings at the core of the enchanting Gateway Green community. These fulfil all the characteristic of the modern-day smart apartment as trending in modern times. It is enriched with single, double, as well as the three-bedroom apartments.

The property flaunts high-end open-concept kitchen with high-end stainless-steel apartments. There are granite countertops to ensure utmost beauty and easy maintenance. To be specific, the shaker pattern cabinets make things even more enchanting by providing superior accommodation.

Master design

Distinguishing part about the Gateway Green Apartment is that here one can manage to keep the whole unit under control, very much remotely. Interestingly, there remains an elevator to link with the entire three floors of the apartment. In between both the buildings, a user gets the proper path for having a pet wash. This is the place as well perfectly arranged for fitness centres/gym along with advanced gaming hub, and community centre. No need is to worry about parking aspects as the apartment provides excellent underground arrangements for the same.


In terms of location, Gateway Green Apartmentis simply superb. These are located in close proximity of the famous restaurants of the nativity and other shops of the locality. Additionally, the property provides all other excellent amenities. There is no issue about the pets; both cats and dogs are highly welcomed.

Talking of the explicit property amenities, it provides keyless apartment FOB entry. There is a perfect arrangement of central heating and air conditioning, along with explicit community room. From the apartment side, professional staffs remain thoroughly dedicated to addressing all queries of the residents.

Unique features

There are many unique features for which Gateway Green Apartment stays ahead of others. There is an Auto-Pay option available along with a facility for a pet spa. In fact, there is a completely dedicated residential portal for the greater convenience of the residents. It stands-out through thoroughly lavish vinylplank flooring along with the microhood.

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Its open concept design has been thoroughly attractive. Shaker style cabinets make the unit most advanced. Moreover, the kitchen is enriched with most advanced stainless-steel appliances along with stainless steel hardware. Solid core doors ensure the users about the utmost endurance and superior style.


When it comes about the facility, there is absolutely no competition to Gateway Green Apartment. Starting from recycling to laundry, the unit provides excellent facilities on all aspects. The superior accent walls make the property super advanced. There is adequate storage space provided for the residents to keep their stuff ready. From a connectivity perspective, the apartment is provided with super-fast internet facility along with all other modes. The apartment provides the most advanced kitchen with perfect arrangement for dishwater, granite countertops, microwaves, refrigerator, etc.

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There is massive space available for underground parking at the expense of just 60 dollars per month. There is one parking space available at surface lot as well. For fitness enthusiasts, there is a recreation room and a dedicated fitness centre. There is an exclusive private balcony provided for the residents for enjoying better views.

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