How to Apply Adhesive to Dentures


Loose dentures have the potential to fall or cause difficulty in speaking or eating. Denture adhesives can help you feel more confident about the shape and stability of your dentures. When applying this adhesive, it is important to remember that its effectiveness does not increase when increasing the amount that is used. In fact, the opposite happens.

Apply Adhesive to Dentures

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Steps to follow:

  1. Rinse all the residues of the prosthesis under running water. Rub the denture with a soft bristle brush and a commercial denture cleanser or mild soap. Dry the teeth thoroughly.
  2. Spread a clean towel. Place the upper denture on the towel, the teeth facing down.
  3. Place between three to four drops of denture adhesive, in the section of the prosthesis that is placed over the roof of the mouth. The drops should be the size of a pencil eraser. Leave the drops only once they are squeezed into the denture.
  4. Place the lower denture on the towel, the teeth facing down.
  5. Place three to four drops of denture adhesive, evenly around the inside of the lower denture, in the same way you did with the upper denture.
  6. Prepare your mouth for the prosthesis by thorough cleaning. Brush the gums, tongue and palate with a soft bristle brush. Rinse the entire interior of your mouth with water.
  7. Insert the upper denture firmly into place. Repeat the procedure for the lower denture. Bites gently to ensure placement of the prosthesis.


Your jaw changes continuously after the teeth are removed. Visit your dentist to change your dentures or accommodate new dentures for these changes.

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Do not overfill your dentures with adhesive. Applying excess adhesive does not make the prosthesis adhere better. Apply too much adhesive if when biting with your denture, it is squeezed.

Always remove your teeth during the night before going to bed. The adhesive can cause irritation of the gums and mouth if it stays in contact with the tissue of the mouth for a long time.

A complete set of dentures lasts about five years. After this time, it is necessary, a new set of dentures or exceeded.

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