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The single greatest commodity in the world since time immemorial has been food. Food has been the basis of life ever since generation sprang up in the face of the planet. It isn’t just among humans but down the chain even for animal’s food is essential for survival. The belly rules the mind is a famous quote used by contemporary thinkers who believe food could be the key to ruling the world. When it comes to food who doesn’t love to have a delicacy served, be it a business meeting, an informal get-together, a friendly meeting or a romantic one it all happens over food and not over any other thing which gives the importance of food in the modern period.

What food?

The answer to what food is based on the location we are based at and the heritage that we carry for Indians and most of the Asians, food reciprocates rice and wheat while Europeans have a slightly different staple food. Though the names that they are called in are different from one place to another their goal is the same to quench hunger and to provide energy. A typical north Indian thali or a continental lasagna is more the same other than the different areas of reception in our taste buds.


India has been blessed with a prominent cuisine starting from the indigenous Rajasthanithali to Mughal to the Afghan delicacies up north while the south part of the country relishes Chettinad, Malabar, Konkan food delicacies. Indians have always been playing a good host part ever since civilization began. The capital city is one such food capital that has serves a consortium of food around the globe apart from the indigenous variety. It has always been known for its authentic food markets and bustling restaurants. You can also check for latest restaurant deals in Delhi on Ginbox

The modern era doesn’t give us much time in the kitchen for we are getting burdened with daily chores and too much work stress but that must not be a reason to starve our taste buds. Restaurants were introduced in the early 19th century to fill this void. The capital city has an ocean of restaurants serving all sorts of food right from a beverage to a complete meal.


The city indeed floods you with options starting from the Chawri Bazaar, ChandniChowk to Connaught place the city offers a wide variety of places to feast. With an increase in options, there arises confusion on what to eat and what to miss. There are a few trademark restaurant chains that have established their authenticity and have earned the trust of their customers over time.

These chains are generally expensive as the increase in their value increases the cost levied. So provides the unique opportunity to feast from cholebatura to kebab, Lajpat Nagar to Jama Masjid from the gully to international cuisine explore a wide variety of deals on restaurants handpicked and carefully negotiated to meet your taste buds specifically. You can be a perfect vegan or a carnivorous lion or even the omnivorous jackal whatever you are, we got a deal at your favourite restaurant to fit you right.

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