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Different types of blinds for 2020


Previously, blinds and curtains were used exclusively for protection from the wind or the sun; in other words, they were bought and installed only because of practicality. Today, such products are used as an important element of interior decoration.

Without them, the rooms look empty and uncomfortable. In addition, such a product helps to adjust the space. This article will describe the main options for choosing what is best for curtains or blinds, as well as which options are best in 2020.

Types of Blinds

When deciding which blinds in Sydney are best for a particular room or design, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with their types. This will help you choose the best option for any room and taste.


They are considered the most popular, placed on sashes or openings, and the choice depends on the color scheme and width. Ideal for small window sizes. Lower and raise the canvas with a cord, which is easily pulled. Horizontal models can change the angles of the lamellas to regulate the flow of light into the room.


  • Affordable cost.
  • Simple design, convenient adjustment.
  • The high degree of reliability.
  • Wide scope of use.
  • It can be used in conjunction with curtains.


  • They require constant care since dust quickly accumulates on a horizontal surface.
  • If you do not use a special mount, the glass unit may be damaged, and after removing the product, holes remain on the frame.


These models are a replacement for classic woven curtains. They excellently protect from sunlight, are often saturated with substances that can prevent dust from settling. Installation is carried out to an aperture, ceiling or wall. Often, the fabric is used as the main material. The view is perfect for large windows, arches or bay windows.


  • Can be combined with curtains and make a single design.
  • The room and the height of the windows visually expands.
  • Minimal deformation from winds and temperature.
  • It is possible to replace lamellas and other individual elements.

Among the disadvantages is noise during rocking from the wind.


This model is designed specifically for plastic windows, mounted on the sash, and due to this mechanism, the windows can be opened together with the blinds. They protect the room from light, are able to last a long time.


  • Durability.
  • Easy dust removal with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.
  • Large selection of different colors.


They include a pair of guides, between which a stretched fabric is stretched. This adds warmth and comfort, and when raised, the matter will add up in the form of an accordion. The lift can be with an electric drive or cord, and a weighting device is installed at the bottom. It is a functional and convenient model, and when folded, the canvas on the window is almost imperceptible.


  • The diffusion of sunlight is soft.
  • The material retains color and shapes for years.
  • It does not take much effort to care, and the surface is coated with a protective substance to reduce dust settling.
  • Simple installation.
  • Suitable for any kind of windows.


  • Not recommended for spacious rooms.
  • High price.


These are fabric blinds that fold or unfold using the mechanism installed at the top of the window. The product perfectly protects from light; the material is durable and is not exposed to moisture. These are good blinds for any home.


  • Easy installation in the opening.
  • The ability to adjust the flow of light into the room.
  • You can completely block the access of light.
  • Combination with other elements of the interior.
  • Suitable for any windows.
  • There are options with photo printing.


  • It is difficult to clean from stains, dust and other impurities.
  • Sensitive to humidity.
  • Ascetic appearance.


Presented in the form of smooth cloths, often a couple of them. The product will easily decorate the window, during the lifting of matter using a special mechanism, folds are formed with overlapping each other. Among the expensive models, all the fabric is completely assembled, and in the cheaper ones only, the lower part.


  • Functionality.
  • Simple care and management.
  • Can be placed in small rooms.
  • Ideal for children.


  • They do not look very nice in a large area.
  • Not suitable for any interior.


As a rule, manufacturers for this type use translucent and lightweight materials. The product is characterized by large and lush folds that will form when tightened. In the lowered position, the canvases are flat and only from below there will be a small crease.


  • Add lightness to the room.
  • Practical and effective.
  • Easy to manage.


  • Not used for the kitchen.
  • May look pompous.


They are characterized by a large number of folds, made into many sections, and even the omitted version will be lush folds. The mechanism for lifting allows you to translate the canvas as high as possible.


  • Perfect for tall windows.
  • Easy operation.
  • Festive look.


  • Not suitable for any interior.
  • Poor combination with small areas.


In people, a similar view is also called a panel or screen. They are laconic, visually similar to a screen, mounted on a cornice. Natural fabric is often used, but there may be PVC and other raw materials. At the bottom and top, there are hard slats that help to prevent folding of the material when moving. They move in one or two directions.


  • ¬†Practicality.
  • Functionality.
  • Easy care.
  • Suitable for zoning or replacing doors.

The main disadvantage is that it is possible to use this type with a minimalistic interior.

Basic materials and selection criteria for blinds

In addition to the main types, it is recommended to understand the characteristics of the materials that can be used for the manufacture of blinds:

  • Aluminum – characterized by practicality and affordable cost, in addition, the surface will not fade from sunlight. Care of the coating is very simple, just use a damp cloth and do regular rubbing or buy a brush for cleaning. It should be noted that the surface can easily deform, so care is done carefully.
  • Plastic – often used for offices. The material itself is practical and therefore is often used for kitchen windows, balconies. Plastic blinds are sold in different colors, and there is an imitation of wood. The surface is easy to clean.
  • Wood – a product with such material looks noble in any room, especially if the windows are also made of wood. The lamellas of the blinds are about 2-4 mm in thickness, manufacturers use different breeds, and the material itself is environmentally friendly and reliable, but it costs a lot.
  • Fabric is the most common option, which is made from natural or artificial raw materials with additional impregnation to protect against dust, moisture and pollution. If necessary, fabric blinds are easily shortened by hand.
  • Multifactorial – this type may include several different materials at once (2-7 types).

When deciding which blinds are best to choose, several features of the window and the room itself should be considered. If you plan to install inside the opening, then the height of the blinds should be 2-3 cm less than the window itself. Not observing such a rule, the material will touch the windowsill, and the appearance will be damaged. Placement of products using a cornice should be a window requires the selection of the product 20-30 cm wider than the opening. Vertical models that cover the space from the ceiling to the floor should not touch the ground, so it is important to maintain a clearance of 5 cm.

The presence of a weighting agent, which is especially important for vertical species, is also taken into account. It is better f them to buy products with plastic elements, which will be more practical, and rust and stains from cleaning will be excluded.


Blinds are a great way to make your room look good. By means of a connecting chain, the canvases are combined and held together as a single unit. The quality of such a supplement depends on the color of the plastic, which should be white, without other shades, especially yellow.

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