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Join Facebook with more than one billion people in the largest social network on the planet. You can find your long-lost childhood or college friends who have long been disconnected. Catch up with them today and restore bonds of love and friendship and cherish your memories together.

About Facebook

When it was first introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook was not specifically designed for this purpose. It was just a very simple network that emerged from the idea of building connections between colleagues at the same university.

Just as soon as the idea began to thrive within the corridors of the university, Mark and his founding partners aspired to expand it to internationalization.

It has been in continuous developing and upgrading process to all Facebook workers,apk download, that it now came to the point that many users can actually make money while connecting with their friends. The facebook marketplace has been a great success as well as the relatively-cheap Facebook ads that help you reach potential buyers for your offered goods or services in any place in the world.

Facebook Security And Privacy

After going through numerous technical problems and complaints about the security and confidentiality of Facebook users’ private information over the past few years, Facebook has promised all users to continue to develop and update all security measures and to provide maximum control over the content displayed to suit each user’s distinct preferences.

You now can log onto your account and filter the types of contents you want to be displayed on your timeline. In addition to controlling the people who can see your posts, message you or even view your profile info.

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