Facts Everyone Should Know About Best British Nurseries In UAE


It must be taken into consideration that a child’s first five years are crucial. The first five years shape up a child’s learning, development, growth, health, and happiness. All through this time, the child gains knowledge at a faster pace as their imaginations or thoughts are at the optimum. And above all, they must be provided adequate love and encouragement to build up a feeling of trust and protection for their confidence to grow with them. All these aspects are well taken care of in the best  British nurseries in Abu Dhabi, and one such nursery is the Bright Kids Nursery.

What does a Child learn at Bright Kids Nursery?

Just like anywhere else in the world, the nurseries in UAE are also following the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum. The Bright Kids Nursery (BRIGHT KIDS NURSERY) also follows the EYFS curriculum, which is meant for children who are 3-5 years old. This best British nursery in Abu Dhabi can be a child’s foremost step of learning. Our curriculum aims to teach the little ones in the best possible approach and a unique environment. It is during these early years of learning, that a child learns how to mix up with other children, how to share, and how to contribute. Such skills are developed in this nursery, BRIGHT KIDS NURSERY, because it lays a strong foundation for a child’s learning for the time to come.

Education can be enjoyable

The Bright Kids Nursery, which is among the best British in Abu dhabi, can bring about the love of learning for lifelong in a child. A child, to hone her/his skills, gets all the finest objectives and materials as per their age in this nursery. A child needs to realize that education can be enjoyable. This nursery positions the support for further higher learning. To succeed in school, an essential aspect is the motivation to learn. Being a reputed British EYFS nursery, BRIGHT KIDS NURSERY guarantees to polish the abilities of a child so that she/he doesn’t drop behind other students.

Education and motivation grow together

At BRIGHT KIDS NURSERY, a child receives better involvement which puts an enduring outcome on education and motivation. Education and motivation grow together as it guarantees advantages for educational success. Thus, it is affirmed that a child must receive nursery education with lots of learning opportunities. A child is going to like the schooling period if she/he has experienced the pleasure of learning in a renowned nursery like the BRIGHT KIDS NURSERY. This is where and when they learn effectively to carry out the task in accordance with their age. We carry out the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which holds immense significance in the realization of a term initiated on the play, which makes us stand as a Leading British nursery in Abu dhabi.

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