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Everything You Need To Know About Production Of Steel


Steel is one of the most versatile products out there. It can be used in construction projects, whether you’re looking to build a house, a factory, or a commercial building. Steel is also used to manufacture numerous ranges of products, from electronics and furniture to structural beams, and so on. Steel is one such material that is available in various types and grades. These kinds differ from each other on the basis of strength, malleability, and so many other properties. Depending on your purpose, you could choose the steel product belonging to a certain grade.Hama Steel is a reliable steel company in Nepal that ensures that it offers quality steel based products at a very affordable price.

Steel Production Process

Steel is produced by using steel billets. These are heated up to a point where they melt and come together to form a homogenous mixture. After this process, they are filtered to remove any impurities, after which they are cooled down and given definite shapes. Steel is also produced by using iron. Quite like steel billets, iron is heated up to a point where it melts completely. Then, elements such as chromium, carbon, and so on are added to the mixture.

After all the elements are combined homogeneously, they are cooled, and given the required shapes. It is because of these additional elements, apart from iron, that steel gains its amazing properties like tensile strength, resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and so on. Depending on the area or field where the steel is going to be used, its properties can be modified, by adding or excluding certain elements. For instance, titanium could be added to the iron to give the steel enormous amounts of strength.

Uses of Steel

Steel is used in steel construction projects. Steel structures are known for their strength, longevity, and aesthetical properties. Steel is used to make products that are used during construction such as steel plate and steel railing. All these products can be manufactured exclusively so that they have different steel texture.

This is crucial especially because in some areas, steel has to go through great levels of corrosion and oxidation. And if the steel isn’t strong enough, it tends to degrade quite easily. It is for the same reason that big companies with sophisticated projects tend to emphasize on the steel fabrication process. A lot of times, these projects require steel that are made exclusively for them. A few of the sectors that fall in this category include marine, petrochemical, energy, and so on.

The steel production process at Hama Steel is carried out following the international standards. If you’re in need of steel based products, but aren’t quite sure which grade or quality is the best for you, you could rely on Hama steel for offering you amazing consultation services. It is one of those companies that believes in transparency, so if you’re looking to find out more about production of steel, you could surely visit them.

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