What are the benefits of off page SEO?


If you wonder why you should do SEO , I assure you that off-page SEO can make a difference. Today, when everyone talks about on-page SEO, SEO optimization also applied on the website itself. It is essential to highlight the advantages of doing SEO outside of it.

This type of SEO speaks to the search engine and tells it that your website has higher quality content, as it is endorsed and recommended by all those third-party pages that link you , by the mentions in social networks, by the forums where you participate, etc. In response to this, search engines will elevate your website’s position in their results list, above your competition.

It works that simple! Worry about what others think of you. This is the main factor that you should take into account for White Hat SEO

Off page SEO and it’s benefits for website owners!

The first thing that off-page SEO does for you is to improve ranking, which means that you will gain more traffic, and therefore have a better chance of conversions .

In addition, your exposure will increase, making more people link to you to become more popular on social networks .

As if this was not enough, Google will also leave you a better PageRank. In short, my friend, you will be falling in love with the greatest seeker on the planet! the Google.

Strategies for doing off page SEO like a pro

Build links (Linkbuilding), key to off page SEO!

The Linkbuilding, or building inbound links, is the method for excellent off-page SEO. It is the method that everyone knows. But that does not mean that everyone knows how to take advantage of it in the right way.

There are many ways to earn links to your website, but the only one that Google supports, and that is worth it, is by going the long way and not using Black Hat SEO techniques which takes you far away from improving your ranking. Remember it will ruin your relationship with Google forever

Achieving a good ranking takes time , but that’s why we are talking about.

Guide for off-page SEO to increase the authority of your domain

We all want to be among the first results published by Google, right? But this is not achieved from doing nothing, you have to forge it, and listen well, I said forge it, not force it!

Google establishes a series of parameters that a website must evaluate and consider if it wants to obtain a high value in domain authority according to SEO Expert. This is measured from 1 to 100, and the higher its value, the better your position in their results lists will be.

To get a good value of domain authority, you must guarantee to the search engine that your website is technically functional, which means that it has a good history of the (domain) name, has its 404 pages ordered or personalized and has gained a certain number of links starters, among other things. All these aspects are channeled through SEO, both within the page and ‘off page’.

Comment on specialized Blogs

It is no secret that Google is fed up with the indiscriminate use of links in blog comments . That is a reality and, like the search giant, I think we should stop this bad practice now.

However, it is not about stopping commenting or ignoring that blog comments can effectively do off-page SEO, but about commenting on the right site and with the right audience .

What I’m saying is that if your niche is the sale of sporting goods, you have nothing to do commenting on kitchen articles blogs, for example, just to leave a link to your website. In that case, doing so will tell Google that you don’t mind giving it the true information and will cause the few who click on it to run off your website, as it is irrelevant to their liking, thus increasing your bounce rate and “Killing” your SEO.

Once you have provided them with help information, if you could leave them a link to expand the information so that they can know your website.

Contribute to forums in your niche

Participating in an SEO forum is one of the off-page SEO techniques that can give you the best benefits, and in the short term. Forums are created left and right and you could start one yourself or locate existing ones that relate to your niche.

Take advantage of them to leave helpful comments about products, give away tips, suggest solutions and share all kinds of information that is of interest in the area in which you operate.

Your experience and good faith in helping them can lead to a lot of traffic to your website, links, comments, and conversions, so your authority will increase and trust me, Google will know!

Participate in question and answer sites

Some famous platforms like Quora or Yahoo Answers are great for naturally earning links .

In these sites, people enter to get help on a topic, so take the opportunity to give them the necessary answers and share content from your website that is useful to them.

The more useful your contributions are, the greater the authority such as SEO company in UAE will help you to improve your business in less time. The rest will be due to a domino effect!

Write product reviews or testimonials

A clever way to earn backlinks is that on your blog you write reviews or testimonials about products related to your niche , but that are from third parties, because this way these third pages will profit by linking you, and you, without even having to ask!

In short, you are persuading them to mention or link to you by writing positive (but not untrue) things about them. This is called making friends through off-page SEO.

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