Four Flavors of Long Cut Tobacco Alternative


Tobacco has been utilized by people for many generations and for years the ancient people chewed tobacco leaves and used traditional methods to enjoy tobacco. For years recently, people have began to change their habits and smoking has began to fade as more restrictions are placed on where you can smoke and more areas do not allow for traditional smoking because of secondhand smoke.

Read more: Knee pain: causes, diagnosis, treatment But there are also many alternatives that have been used by more than 10 million americans such as chewing tobacco and now more than ever there is new innovation happening with completely tobacco-free and smokeless products on the market. For people who used to smoke or have been dipping for a long time, having new options is always good as there is always a new flavor or packaging or product to try.

Wintergreen Tobacco

Wintergreen tobacco-less flavor is very similar to regular chewing tobacco but doesn’t contain any tobacco leaves or stems like traditional tobacco products. The flavor combination is very pleasant and many customers compare it to peppermint or spearmint. Wintergreen flavoring is used as many people prefer to have a little bit of a sweetness as opposed to having a purely tobacco flavor; especially in products that are tobacco-free like the alternatives on the market.


With so many options of flavors, mint usually is still a popular favorite and you can find a lot of reviews that talk about people enjoying mint-flavored tobacco dip products as they are familiar to ex-smokers and also to traditional tobacco dip product users.

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The key factors in mint-flavored tobacco-less products is that the textures are considered more pleasant than regular tobacco products and that is where a lot of users find satisfaction in their choice of tobacco-less and smokeless products with a hint of minty flavor. Similar to spearmint or peppermint.

Blood Orange

Another flavor popular is blood orange which has a rich citrus flavor with a little bit of a raspberry and smoky quality. Black Buffalo brand here offers this flavor and the reviews are very positive around the flavor. It is also often limited time and not always available as the website says so this definitely must mean that it is in high demand and probably because of the citrus flavor that is pleasant and unique from the traditional mint and regular flavors on the market.

Straight Long Cut

There is also straight long cut which is combination of a little bit of licorice and vanilla flavoring and it has a small amount of smokey flavoring aftertaste which is really pleasant to most dippers that are used to having a strong smokey tobacco flavoring. Even though this is tobacco-less, the textures and taste is usually what people do not want to switch from as they are used to dipping with traditional tobacco products. Straight is also available on such websites as Black Buffalo Chewing Tobacco Alternative and they have different pricing depending on how many you order. There is also different and free shipping options which you can check out and try tobacco-alternative dipping.

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