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In the year 2020, delivery expectations have changed and more and more people are switching to it. However, shippers usually prefer to bring the shipping cost to the lowest. This has paved way to online shipping auctions where shippers can finalize the carrier according to the bid they make. The competitive environment doesn’t allow the truckers to make irrational demands and the negotiation brings the shipping cost to the minimum. Load boards are a great place to make bids on shipping and to get your item transported from one location to another at the cheapest shipping cost.

Four major factors to consider when determining the most cost effective way to ship your boxes:

Speed: How quick do you want your courier to reach its destination? Speedy delivery is available nowadays. The faster the delivery speed, the more you will be charged. Do you want your package to be delivered in one day or you can wait for 7 days? Different carriers offer different time frame and you need to cater to your preferred delivery time. However the shorter delivery duration is, the more will be the price.

Distance: Shipping carriers divide US to 8 shipping zones depending on the distance your courier needs to be delivered from your zip code. The more the zip code distance from destination address, the more will be the shipping rate.

Weight: Weight of the package is also an essential factor to consider when finding the cheapest way to deliver your package. The heavier the item, the more you will be charged.

Size: the size of the package explains how much space it will cover in the back depending on its dimension. Whether the shipper has booked the whole trailer or they will be using the LTL mode, the price is charged accordingly.

Other factors to keep in mind

There are some more factors to consider, other than the cost. A cheap option doesn’t include remarkable tracking service, insurance, or commitment to specific delivery timeframes. So, make sure you keep them in mind when finding the cheapest carrier for you.

Major points which will lead to cheap shipping

Keep your shipping rates and methods synchronized: If you want to manage your shipping rates, then you can increase the price of the items to deal with the shipping cost.

Charge your clients with live carrier rates: Offer your clients with different shipping options and live pricing from different carriers. It will make them choose the kind of service they want on their own.

Offer discounts: Make sure you don’t overcharge or undercharge. However, you can offer them a discount on shipping if you need to deliver a lot of products in one area. This kind of shipping may be complicated but lessens your shipping cost.

So, this is the best guide to offer cheap shipping to your customers. Make sure you follow the steps to leverage your shipping costs and surely you will have great profits in your business. A lot of carriers register at free load boards to find delivery loads as per your requirements and preference. You may find some of the best carrier deals here to meet your delivery needs.

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