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Why Do You Have Low Water Pressure?


Does the water flow get slower than normal? Then your house has water pressure problems! Now, your mind will likely turn to questions about the root cause of low water pressure. Usually, you will notice this issue when running a load in the dishwasher, having a shower, when filling a drinking glass, and more. The first thing to do if your home water pressure seems low is to narrow down the cause. This is because the widespread water pressure problem will affect your whole house, which indicates several issues. Whether the water pressure issue is within only one fixture, or all fixtures, you should fix the issues to the fullest. If you just focus on fixing the fixture with the issue, or the pipes connected to the fixture, the problem may not be fully resolved. Did you know for flushing the toilet, running the dishwasher, showering, and more, on average, households consume about 340 litres of water per person per day? So, the low water pressure issue is not a simple thing to ignore.If the water pressure drops, many people today may not be aware of where to look. It is essential to hire a qualified plumber in Toronto as soon as possible.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Reason 1: 

The drop in water pressure can be caused due to the formation of sediment in the hot water heater.

Reason 2:

The culprit behind the water pressure slowdown may be under the foundation of your home or within your house walls; the pipe may be leaking or cracked.

Reason 3: 

The blame for your low water pressure can be your home’s faulty pressure regulator.

Reason 4: 

If there is low water pressure in an old house, this may be due to the build-up of minerals and other sediments in the plumbing system.

Reason 5: 

Low pressure at a singular faucet? It may be due to a clogged aerator!

Reason 6:

Sudden change or decrease in water pressure can be due to an improperly functioning water softener. You can check it by examining your water softener.

Final Words

Does your washing machine or dishwasher take much longer to run a cycle than usual? Or your showerhead doesn’t give you that strong spray like before? Or the faucets take forever to fill a bathtub or sink? Your home’s water system probably has a pressure issue! But don’t worry…with the help of the top-rated emergency plumber in Toronto, you can get the issue fixed promptly.

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