The Guide to Choosing the Right Extra curricular Activities


The functions and benefits of co-curricular activities in a student’s lifestyle and development are many. They can be responsible for what makes a student stand out from the crowd. Whether short-term or long-term, extra-curricular activities can shape up a student and maybe even open up several career opportunities. This is why top schools in Gurgaon not only value extra-curricular but also have adapted all means to facilitate and support student participation in them. 

What are Your Options?

Leading international schools have opened their grounds to many options in extra-curricular to be more inclusive of diverse student interests. There are sports or game-oriented activities from volleyball to soccer, chess, and more. There can be activities concerning one’s literary skills such as debate clubs, book clubs, school magazine editing, reporting, and many more. Quiz Clubs, scouts and camping, MUNs, eco clubs, dance groups, choir groups, swimming clubs, etc. your options are wide open. Make sure to take your pick from only the top CBSE schools that prioritize their extracurricular as much as they prioritize their academics. 

Tips in Choosing the Right Activity for You

There’s no hard and fast rule in you picking your extra-curricular activity. It can be something you enjoy. It can be something you are skilled in. It can even be something you find challenging. However here are some tips to help you find the perfect activity for you: 

Shortlisting Your Interests

Whether you’d like to learn a new language or work on your musical talent. What are the interests you’d readily dedicate yourself to? Do you enjoy swimming? Research the extra-curricular activities offered in your school and shortlist your choices. While it should be a self-enhancing activity, it should also be something you enjoy. 

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Boundaries

Yes, you can use your strengths and pick your extra-curricular activity. But an even better way to go would be to identify your fears and weak points and work them through your co-curricular. For instance, if you have a fear of public speaking, push yourself to participate in debates, speeches, MUNs, and more. 

Choose More than One But Not Too Many

You can always opt for more than one activity but keeping too much on your plate will help no one. It can also affect your academics, cause exhaustion and lead to poor time management. So put some thought into your choices and evaluate if you are ready for the commitment. 

Research and Discuss Your Picks

You can choose career-changing activities as well as something light. Evaluate your goals and research the activities offered in the top schools in Gurgaon and see if you find your match. If you are not sure of yourself, you can always discuss your choice with a mentor, a parent, a friend, or anyone you value. 

Doesn’t have to be Final

It is okay if your interests change. You can always try a new activity later as you’d want. Co-curricular activities should be to your benefit, yes. But it should also be something you enjoy and not feel forceful or like a punishment. 

Run free and make your pick. Whatever you do, don’t pick an activity that you find dull. Choose something that can give you the much-needed break from your academics.

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