Benefits of hiring Subrogation Attorneys for your business


Has it ever happened to you that you are accidentally injured, and you visit the emergency hospital for treatment? Then, you submit the bill to your health insurer for payment? Well, the health insurance company will usually pay for all the costs incurred to treat your injuries. However, after making this payment they will call you to discuss what has happened and if you are thinking of pressing charges on someone.

The insurer may probably comply with the insurance policy and they will try to determine if there is someone to be blamed for your injuries fully or maybe partially which led to the insurance claim. The reason behind the insurer asking your questions is to determine whether or not the third party may be responsible for paying your injuries thereby relieving some of the insurer’s financial responsibility. This is where subrogation steps in.

The whole subrogation process can take up to 30 days or for years. You can also try negotiations for a subrogation claim. Mostly the insurer may refuse to negotiate and then the insurer’s ability to collect the settlement process from the insured to be very limited.

What is Subrogation claim?

A subrogation claim allows the innocent paying party to stand in the shoes of the injured party. Any legal defense that is used against the injured party may be asserted to the innocent paying arty against the collateral source provider. The subrogation can cause the employee to be paid once for these amounts that are associated with medical expenses and wage loss. Any portion of the award in the lawsuit is that which includes the amounts for the losses paid by the workers’ compensation is refunded to the employer who asserts the subrogation claim.

What is the purpose of subrogation?

It has three purposes and they are:

  • It prevents the insured from collecting twice from the same loss.
  • It holds the negligent person responsible for the loss.
  • It helps to hold down the insurance rates.

Apart from that, it is a general rule in the subrogation that when you exercise those subrogation rights, the insurer is only entitled to the amount that has to be paid under the policy. Many policies this day do have the provision which states how the subrogation recovery is to be shared between the insured and the insurer. Apart from this, after a loss, the insured cannot impair or interfere with the insurer’s subrogation rights and they cannot do anything after the loss which comes in between.

What are the benefits of having a subrogation attorney for your firm?

The subrogation lawyers from Keis George can help to recover and defense for insurers and businesses. They have the experience to maximize the insurer’s recovery. They can also understand the requirements as clients who successfully recover the meaningful amount of money under the subrogation theory.

They can negotiate well, can do the arbitration, they can also do some litigation defense and pure litigation too. They provide full help to the clients to recoup their costs too.

The Subrogation attorneys from Keis George utilize the most cost-effective planning while proactively participate in the investigation process so that they can find ways to reach an agreement on the matters of the current case.

Which areas can the subrogation attorneys represent?

They can represent automobile loss, homeowners, commercials, trucking and transportation, mortgage fund and different types of insurance policies. They can help in matters of drone insurance, insurance fraud litigation, general liability litigation, examination under oath, qui tam actions, real estate, and construction, etc. They can also help in mass tort, bond loss, insurance defense, and commercial collections.

What benefits do the Subrogation Attorneys from Keis George offer?

The lawyers from this company are highly experienced in matters of subrogation. They have fought litigation subrogation files in the state and federal courts across the US. Apart from this, they have resolved some matters outside the court too.

They are reputed for successful outcomes for their clients in all their legal proceedings.

Keis George is known for achieving positive verdicts, settlements, judgment verdicts for clients against some major product manufacturers, contractors and other insurance carriers, engineers, at-fault drivers or architects. These lawyers also rely on assistance with the commercial collections, claim evaluations, post-judgment recovery which includes license suspension, wage garnishment, liens, bank account attachment and much more.


Hence, these are the benefits of having subrogation lawyers. Choose the lawyers from a firm that can confront any kind of complex claims, provide some highly personalized attention, great fee structure which suits your pocket. Clients like you can expect superior case management, information security, and increased recoveries. Take the opportunity of that frim which has the caliber to handle the national law but work as a local firm. They can represent you well and that’s why calling a subrogation attorney for your business now!

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