How Do Radiation Proof Phone Cases Work?


Our world is living in a digital age where people are constantly on their cell phones. Whether it be for work or play, people spend countless amounts of hours scrolling and searching through social media and websites. Recent studies have shown and proven that cell phones are linked to cancer. This is because of the radiation rays that cell phones expose their users too. The radiation is from the electromagnetic fields coming from wireless cell signals. Other places including Wifi and Bluetooth. In the result of this known fact, manufacturers have created a radiation proof phone case to help prevent cancer.

Radiation proof phone cases claim to protect its users from radiation rays. These phone cases, with the material they are made of, complete this task of prevention. 99 percent of the rays are claimed to be prevented in some of the radiation proof phone cases. Some of the brands that sell these phone cases that people can research are SafeSleeve, ShieldMe, Alara, and DefenderShield. These cases could also be found for cheap and affordable prices on Amazon.

It is important to share and speadthe fact that cell phones can cause cancer so people can protect themselves and take the proper precautions. People may not know the statistics of radiation and cancer being linked to cell phones, and once they do, can find ways in reducing their cell phone use. For those who work remotely and or work strictly from their cell phones, they can’t reduce the amount of time they spend scrolling and searching. With this being said, this would be the perfect reason as to why a radiation proof cell phone case would be perfect for them. Anti-radiation phone cases can come in attractive styles and can provide you with a look that you want with the added benefits of its blocking rays.

Doctors recommend to protect your body and do whatever it takes to avoid longterm exposure to cell phone rays. Not sleeping with your cell phone can also be a positive step people can take because even though it’s not in your hand, you can be exposed to the rays due to the cell phones’ close proximity.

These cases, just like any other case, have easy access to all the buttons you would need access to. They shield the entire front of your phone. If people want to be safe and get these cases, that would be in their best interest. Exposure to even low levels of radiation through the phone can cause cancer, specifically, a type called a schwannoma, which affects the Schwann nerve cell. For people who heavily use their cell phones for 10 years or more, they are increasing their risk of tumors, specifically in the skill. This does not mean that everyone is at an increased risk of tumors over heavy phone use, but it has been recorded.

People take for granted the risk of cancer due to being on their phone. People may think that this could never happen to them. This is how people develop such cancers because they do not take it seriously and expose themselves because everyone else does it and everyone else is “okay”. Even if you turn off your cell phone, it still emits rays that can affect people. Your cell phone is always connected and communicating with cell towers whether it is off or on.

Research is still in the works on cell phones and their connection with cancer. Since cell phones are relatively new and boomers have not been heavily using cell phones their whole life and we can not see what condition they are in, the tests continue to go on and more research will come to the surface on radiation, ways to prevent it, and what people can expect due to cell phone usage.

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