How to host an event at a resort under a Budget?


Finding resorts near Kolkata, isn’t that of a big deal. But it is a real pressure to do everything under a budget. But the fun part is, it isn’t even that difficult to just hire, only the mere necessities and skip on stop of the extravangagees. As hosting a wedding at a resort, can actually be done within a preferred budget.

1.Choose a resort that is on the outskirts of the city

Now, many of us would not prefer doing this in the first place. People want it in the city, rather than getting resorts near Kolkata. The only way in which this sort of thing can be adjusted into a “Desi family” is when they’re getting fabulous offers from such places.

Surprisingly enough, booking a place on the outskirts will save you a lot more money. Not only do they’ve more advantages, and features but it has some of the most extravagant packages too.

2. Find a place that only charges you for the food]

Yes if you plan to book  resorts near Kolkata, then there are certain options where they do not take any charge for the place renting. They will only charge for the plate you are choosing. Which basically means, if you’ve five hundred expecting guests coming to the resort.

And, you’re choosing a plate worth twelve hundred rupees, then they’ll multiply that number with the total guests and there you have your entire book as well as a banquet renting package. Isn’t that more convenient and money saving for you?

3. The place should have a good interior

While you’re in search for resorts near Kolkata, find a place that has a beautiful surrounding as well as a fancy interior decoration. The hall should definitely have ample amounts of furniture that match well with the rest of the banquet hall. The lighting should be favoring your wedding theme. Before finalizing on any particular resort, make sure you’ve already checked on all these factors.

4.  Save your money on the decoration

If the interior of the place is already convenient for you, then do not worry about spending on further heavy decoration. A subtle outside decoration will do a lot. Do not spend fancy amounts of money on the hall decoration, if you happen to have a really pretty interior already. When you’ve reduced your expenses on decoration you’ll see that the entire amount has decreased to your desired budget quite easily.

5.  Use your personal transport

In Spite of having so many options for wedding venues in the city, you’re choosing resorts near Kolkata. That basically rings the alarm, that you’ll need a transport to reach the wedding venue. I’ll suggest using your personal cars and transport, instead of hiring other means of transport  that are bigger in size.

6.  Rent only for the occasion

If you’re a resident of Kolkata, then this is the most convenient thing for you to do. Spending on only the day only. Like no need of booking rooms, and other guest stayovers. Only the resort for the entire wedding day.

Then you would be needing to pay only for the day of the wedding. All the guests would reach the resorts in Kolkata, you’ve booked for the day. And, then you’ll be getting the rest of the day for celebrating your wedding at the ease of a fancy resort.

Well, you’ve got an idea about how you can save money wisely. It is entirely onto you upon how you want your wedding or event to be. So, before booking the resorts near Kolkata, remember you can save a lot on them if you’re choosing it wisely.

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