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How to use FBM/MFN in 7 steps?


Step 1: Register as an Amazon seller

You’ll have access to Seller Central after you become fulfilled by merchant as your go-to resource for selling on, once you create your seller account and select a selling strategy.

  • Credit card with charges
  • Contact details for taxes
  • Checking account to which Amazon can transfer your sales revenue

Step 2: Create product pages and list items for sale.

Whether you need to make new listings, have existing listings, or choose to create listings in bulk or one at a time can all affect how you list? Add clear photos, meaningful names, and succinct feature bullets to offers to aid in product discovery.

Step 3: Control your warehouse, storage area, or fulfillment facility

Your company can become more profitable by managing inventories more effectively. Try to keep an adequate supply of inventory to meet demand while avoiding being overstocked.

To earn a return on your investment, constantly maintain your inventory. It’s crucial to have adequate inventory on hand to satisfy client demand, especially around seasonal holidays or times when demand is at its highest, like Prime Day or Cyber Monday.

Step 4: Configure your shipment templates so that they are compatible with your logistical capabilities for handling time and transit time.

You can assign shipping templates from the Manage Inventory drop down menu on the Seller Central dashboard. In order to match your logistical capabilities for particular products, create large batch shipping templates and apply them to specific offers. In order to protect yourself from an increase in orders, you can also specify your default handling time and order handling capacity through the Seller Central dashboard.

Step 5: Organize order picking, packing, and shipping

Order processing gets started as soon as a customer completes a transaction. Make sure you have the ability to choose, pack, and send orders to clients efficiently if you plan to conduct fulfillment in-house. Additionally, you’ll want to confirm that the carriers you’ll be utilizing are included in our network of carriers with valid tracking rates. Choosing the appropriate packaging is an important step in processing orders. This might be:

  • Boxes
  • Bubble mailers or paper mailers
  • Packaging supplies like bubble wrap or air pillows

To cut expenses and prevent things from being damaged in transit, make sure to adhere to all Amazon specifications for packaging and preparation.

Step 6: Internally manage customer service and refunds

Achieving success on Amazon requires offering first-rate customer care. According to research, orders with 24-hour response times or less receive half as much negative feedback as those with longer response periods.

Keeping up with customer service may assist in converting one-time purchases into devoted patrons. To keep up with customer feedback and responses, keep an eye on the customer service metrics in Seller Central.

Step 7: Think about FBM fees and charges

Numerous variables influence costs, including:

  • Find out what makes an Individual plan different from a Professional plan.
  • Sellers pay Amazon a percentage of the overall price for each item sold, which includes the item price, shipping costs, and any gift-wrapping fees, or a minimum sum, whichever is greater.
  • How you approach satisfaction.
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