The Ancient Technique That’s Taking Over The Skincare Industry


Weeks of being hunched up over your desk, trying to beat looming deadlines can cause you immense back discomfort and poor posture. For example, during an intensive exercise session, have you tried to perform a lunge, and the pain you felt from your waist to your upper body was unbearable? Or, do you feel like your skin recently has too much pigmentation, acne scars, wrinkles, and deep lines?

Why don’t you try a session of gua sha nyc? With all the publicity about this ancient healing technique, you have loads of benefits to reap. Unlike the methods used for your body, which can be a little intense and leave bruise-like marks, when done on your face, gua sha is a little gentler, and the strokes are incredibly relaxing.

What is Facial Gua Sha?

Your body will experience stress and tension when you’re hunched over a computer for hours trying to beat a deadline. Similarly, our faces manifest anxiety through clenched jaws and wrinkled brows. A technique also referred to as “scraping” or “coining,” this massage method soothes facial tension, improves blood circulation.

It also encourages drainage of lymphatic fluid. After a session of this treatment, most people report smoother looking skin and a facelift appearance.

Benefits of “Scrapping”

Pronounced “gwah-shah,” this ancient technique incorporates the use of special tools, semi-precious stones like jade, crystalline, or rose quartz to scrape the facial skin gently. The device works into the facial muscles and releases any tightness that is found in the fascia. It essentially gives your face a small workout.

In turn, the overall health of the skin is improved because of increased blood circulation, which promotes oxygen absorption and nutrients available to the skin. Here are some of the benefits of this ancient technique to your skin.

  • It is Anti-Ageing 

When there is a stimulation of blood flow. As we grow older, there is a noticeable reduction in collagen production. Due to this, our skin may appear wrinkled and aged. However, the use of gua sha enables you to achieve a more sculpted look because of the increase in collagen production.

  • Reduction of Fine Lines

The methods used in this facial technique restore fluids to the facial area. When done regularly, the blood and lymphatic fluids are encouraged to move, thereby resulting in improved circulation. The deep facial creases that you have are released, and the increased blood flow results in getting rid of the wrinkles and fine lines in your skin.

  • Reduction of Acne

The use of this technique has the benefit of clearing whiteheads, blackheads, and preventing hormonal breakouts. It is important to note, however, that when you first start the procedure, you may experience a breakout because of skin aggravation. This is normal and will clear out in time.

If you already have a breakout, it is advisable to wait until your skin is cleared before you take part in this process. If you decide to “scrape” skin that is already inflamed, you may end up agitating it even further.

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