The benefits of free character animation software


You’re doing everything that you’re supposed to do to get customers. You have optimized your website, your SEO positioning is excellent, your Adwords or Facebook Ads campaigns work and your content fits perfectly.

However, conversions and real customers don’t come through. Why? Because you need an animation video and a perfect animated character for your company. You may not have come through the power of free character animation software.

Why do I need an animation Character?

In our audio-visual production company, we think that there are two very clear reasons why animated characters can work better for your corporate video than those of real characters: the two sides of your brain.

The left side loves animation, as it summarizes concepts, clarifies everything with icons and graphics, and schematizes saving time and effort. Complex messages turn into clear ideas, with little ” blah blah blah ” and more useful content.

The right side, although it should be more prone to seeing people and not animations, also prefers animation. Why? Because the animations, unless the actors that appear in the video are very good, in the end, they are more human, they touch our feelings more and they entertain the eye. They are more visual.

How to create an animated character?

The animated character is the second most important part after the powerful script. The character will bring your thoughts and story into life. The character should be well fit into the story and will definitely do its wonders. You can use the reputed software such as Mango Animate Character Animation Maker to generate the character. The software has the ability to turn any static image that is in the format of PSD or PNG into an animated character. The characters already available can be instantly used for your project. You can customize any character for its facial expressions, accessories, movement and much more. There are infinite possibilities in terms of customization. You can easily export and share it very easily on various available platform.

The 5 benefits of animated characters

Now that you know why you need them, let’s get to the real topic of this article: what are their benefits? What will they contribute to my business? Will they help me sell more?


The animations are simple, colourful, and moving. This allows the eye not to “suffer” to see them, to feel comfortable with them and even be attracted to their simplicity. Why do you think children love cartoons? Believe it or not, our eye continues to work as when we were children.


Animation, with its simplicity, allows any type of message to be transmitted most simply and intimately. A graphic that might seem inexplicable at first glance becomes a fun animation that can be understood in 5 seconds.


If we use actors, people who see our video could say ” I don’t look alike at all ” or “It seems that this product or service is for people of another age “. All for choosing an actor who was simply going to play the designated role for the video.

The animation is much more open. Although you must choose a representation of your target audience, using one will avoid focusing too much or reflecting any rejection for having chosen one type of actor or another.


Animated characters are sometimes thought not to fit a business. ” They are not very serious, ” some think. They are wrong.

Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning film Argo begins by telling the whole story with animated characters. And precisely the story that it tells is not small serious, right?Any topic, company or concept can be developed through animation. And not only that but “translating” what you say into pictures will make it easier to understand.


When you make a animated character, be it advertising, explanatory or corporate, you have to make it very clear what your brand is and who is behind it. In an animated video, you can incorporate logos, colours and even dress the characters with all kinds of elements that remind you of your brand.

The number of possibilities, compared to a video with real characters, is much wider. Whatever you imagine, you can use it in an animated character for companies.

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