The wrong name on your American Airlines flight ticket. What to do?


If your flight ticket booking has been done with AA or American Airlines with a typo or miss-spelling and you are worried about it then you must read this article till the end to get the solution. To rectify the wrong name on your AA ticket, you can take advantage of American Airlines Name Correction policy. This policy is a great provision for AA passengers as they can now make minor or major edits to their name with ease and in the least time. This simply means that cancelling and rebooking are no longer needed in case of the wrong name on the ticket; all you have to do is submit your American ticket name change request online or offline to AA airlines.

Minor & Major Name Changes Under American Airlines Name Correction Policy

Your name on the AA flight ticket can get wrong due to typing or spelling mistakes and such errors are considered minor errors. And, these changes can only be done up to 3 characters. However, sometimes you may need to change your last name completely due to marriage or divorce- such cases are considered major name change cases. Therefore, you will need legal documents stating your legal name.

Methods to Rectify the Wrong name on AA Tickets Under American Airlines Name Correction policy

Here are methods to confirm minor and major American Airlines name changes on ticket under the AA name change policy.

Minor American Ticket Name Changes Are Possible to do Online

  • Go to the official website-
  • Click on the tab “My Trips.”
  • Enter the traveler’s first & last name.
  • Enter the booking/reservation code.
  • Click on the tab “Find Reservations.”
  • Access the reservations page and select the concerned flight reservation.
  • Rectify the miss-spellings or typos up to 3 characters.
  • Pay the applicable name change fee.
  • Save the changes and wait for the official confirmation email.

Major Name Changes Are Possible Offline via Call or Email

If you need to change more than 3 characters in your name or want to entirely change your surname owing to divorce or marriage reasons, you will need to submit your request offline. You can either call the AA reservations department or send them an email stating your name change request. The officials will assist you rightly and help you confirm the changes ASAP. The AA reservations phone number is (833) 246-4556. Don’t forget to submit your legal documents for verification and quick confirmation.

If there is anything that is not included here, it’s best to clarify all the doubts regarding American Airlines Name Change policy from the reservations department itself over the phone.

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