Choose Your Options for the Best Valentine Gifts


You have plenty of time to give your girlfriend great gifts if your relationship is going to last.The best proof of Love is your daily behavior and attention, don’t forget that.You must therefore adapt your gift to the context of your relationship.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a woman

We are unique and different, but some gifts are classics, especially for women.Classic gift ideas for women are jewelry and flowers, especially roses for Valentine’s Day.Depending on the context of the relationship, naughty lingerie can brighten up or spice up your relationship a little. It might also be a good time to bring something new to your relationship if you start to get bored.In a period when many women of all ages have read “50 Shades of Gray”, fur handcuffs may be required to revive your relationship. As you send valentines gift you can consider all these options now.

And how about a massage?

You could offer him one for her, or a massage for 2 in which case you both would be massaged in the same room. It’s often linked to a Spa, so it’s pretty cool when it comes to relaxation.A restaurant invitation for Valentine’s Day is also a classic, although it seems less appreciated by some women because we no longer feel in a romantic dinner but dinner with all the other couples of the restaurant.

If you want to please her and offer her a romantic dinner, why not cook up a Valentine’s Day meal for her?

A rose on the table, candles, and a small meal of dishes she loves. And you will end up with pleasure in bed with the lingerie and handcuffs on. Little advice if you are preparing dinner, plan a light meal. It’s better for a hug after dinner.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her sweetheart

The context of Valentine’s Day is special.We men are not used to receiving gifts for Valentine’s Day; we are used to giving them. We’ve seen women give roses to their boyfriends before. Personally, it would make me uncomfortable, as if it was inappropriate.A few years ago, advertisements for men’s underwear with lace flourished. It had flopped. So, depending on send valentine’s day gift happens to be a lot better.

In short, some gifts are not suitable for men, even if you will always find exceptions (a friend will recognize himself because he loves lace).But we should not stop at prejudices or this habit and if you want to give your man a gift for Valentine’s Day, you could give him:

  • A subscription to a wine club
  • A shirt, a tie (if you are sure they will be to his liking)
  • A new wallet (because he is a bit has-been)


These are not very original ideas, just ideas.

What not to give on Valentine’s Day

The romantic evening at the restaurant remains effective but gracefully without the red roses devoid of charm of the street vendors or the aphrodisiac cocktails that puncture your stomach.

The scented candle also requires a good knowledge of the loved one so as not to pass for the soulless gift bought by the assistant to help out. So we choose it, we accompany it with a beautiful story. Chosen because it smells like you all of that) and we turn it on the same evening to enjoy its intimate atmosphere. You can always surprise with these models that turn into a massage oil or that contain a jewel hidden in the wax.

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