Best Adventurous Things to Do in Dubai 2020


In case you wonder what to do in Dubai, we organize excursions in Dubai with a guide in Spanish. D onde highlights tour of Dubai Contrasts with a guide in Spanish. Since it is ideal to know all the places that we consider essential in the city, taking into account its long extension. And the Shopping Tour, where we will go to the places that our guides in Spanish know. To get the best imitations and at the best prices with your advice.

In addition, you can take many other excursions that combine adventure with knowledge, and in most of them, you will be left with your mouth open. We list some of the activities by sea and by air. In addition, all our clients agree that it is essential to see it from the air. So give it a try by booking a helicopter ride or a seaplane ride.


Now it is possible to experience the sensation of floating! At Inflight, in the largest and highest wind tunnel in the world. Thus being able to enjoy the sensation of weightlessness or also called zero gravity. Also, for adrenaline lovers, choose between driving a buggy or a quad in the middle of the desert. Or, also, take some of the tours in semi-rigid boats from the Marina of our partner yellow boats.

But if you are thinking of touring Dubai City Tour in a different way, you can choose between renting a limousine or a yacht… Also, for those of you looking to get off adrenaline, we suggest the longest zip line in the world Jebel Jais, or a skydive parachute jump. A nice way to see a part of the Dubai Marina from the air is by gyrocopter.

What to do in Dubai, Helicopter :

It is one of the best things to do, as it provides us with amazing views from the air and the possibility of taking spectacular photos. In addition, you have the possibility to choose between four tours depending on the duration of the flight. Thus, Tour Odyssey with 40 minutes.

Another is the Vision Tour with 22 minutes. Also, Tour The Palm in 17 minutes. And finally, Iconic Tour with 12 minutes. In addition, all flights depart from the heliport located next to the Police Academy.

What to do in Dubai, Seaplane :

Well, another adventure to do from the air. And if I had to choose between a seaplane or helicopter, I would stick with the seaplane. Well, one of the reasons is that their cruising speeds are 320 km/hour and 200 km/hour respectively, which allows us, in the case of the seaplane, to fly over the most important places.

Another reason is that its range of destinations is greater, we have the Dubai Contrasts Seaplane offer, to get to know the city of Dubai in one day with two complete excursions from the air and by road. In addition to 20-minute flights through Dubai, 30-minute flights through Abu Dhabi, and 45-minute flights through the city of Dubai from Dubai Creek and Dubai Palm Jebel Ali.

In addition, if you plan to visit the Ferrari World or Yas Waterworld theme parks you can do it from Dubai by seaplane, including tickets and the return by road to your hotel in Dubai.

What to do in Dubai, Globe :

It is your activity if you want to see the sunrise from the Emirati desert enjoying unforgettable views of the sunrise. In addition, during this journey, we will have the opportunity to see the contrast between the reddish color of its dunes and the green of the oasis, as well as its fauna. An unforgettable experience

What to do in Dubai, Inflight :

Experience the sensation of floating! Enjoy the sensation of weightlessness or also called zero gravity, and get strong emotions in the largest and highest wind tunnel in the world. In addition, you can choose between Silver flight with a duration of 2 minutes, Gold 4 minutes, Platinum 6 minutes, Diamond 8 minutes, and Learn to fly 10 minutes divided into five sessions of two minutes.

What to do in Dubai, Dubai Creek :

In the cove, the evolution of this city is reflected, from a commercial destination in the desert to the modern city that it is today. In addition, an abra crossing is a mandatory experience in Dubai Creek that is included in our Dubai Contrasts Tour best cities to visit in spain with a guide in Spanish.

Well, aboard these barges, which cross the cove from one side to the other, you can see both the modern glass towers and the wind catchers. Which are towers that functioned as cooling elements for buildings and, you can also see the minarets of the old city.

In addition, enjoying a cruise on a dhow, an Arab wooden boat, is another way to explore it. To enjoy its sights and sounds, you can choose between a dinner cruise with a 5 * hotel or 4 * hotel catering. If you prefer dinner on a luxurious boat with a kitchen on board, you must book at Bateaux Dubai.

What to do in Dubai, tour Dubai by limousine :

One of the best ways to experience the highlights of the city is to tour Dubai by limousine, you can do it with friends or family. Our driver will take you through the most prominent places in the city such as Burj Al Arab, Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, Madinat Jumeirah or Dubai Downtown, where the Burj Khalifa is located, or you can decide where to go or where to stop, then the route will be at your choice. You can even add it as a complement to a shopping tour in the Dubai Mall or in the exotic Souks that are in the traditional area of ​​Dubai.

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