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The Best Alternative To Conventional Sewer Pipe Repair


Normally when there is damage to the drainage lines they will have to do excavation work that usually has to be done disturbing the foundation of the house. But as an alternative to this, there is trenchless sewer repair which will be a minimally invasive technique without any underground work.

As the conventional method takes days to complete this work, this method will be done only in hours making it very convenient for the public as there will not be any need to regulate traffic also.

Does this work for all types of damages?

The trenchless sewer repair can be used only for a few types of damages that are not too deep. If the repair is below the driveway or the swimming pool, this method is preferred.

Traditional methods are tried and are successful for many years. But because of the invention of the trenchless sewer repair, some of the work can be done without much inconvenience and also can be done very fast compared to the traditional methods.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer repair that can help in deciding

The work will be done in a maximum of one day instead of weeks or days.

As traditional methods will involve cost for replacement of damaged products, there will not be a need for that in this case. So even though the cost for this trenchless sewer repair appears to be more it is completely worth it.

Sometimes, in a normal conventional method, there will be a requirement of removing walls and floors in order to repair the damaged sewer lines. But here there will not be any damage to the property.

They are environmentally friendly.

Types that are worth note-taking

The main four types of trenchless sewer repair that are available are listed below.

  1. Pipe bursting
  2. Slip lining
  3. Spray lining and Brush coating
  4. Structural Pipe Lining

Break down of the costs that might take for this type of repairs

The cost breakdown varies for a different type of repair that is available in trenchless repairs.

For trenchless pipe bursting, it will take up to $60 to $200 per foot. So for the entire repair, it may need $3500 to $20000 depending on the length and depth of the damaged sewer pipe.

Trenchless pipe lining typically costs $80 to $250 per foot. On average they will charge $160 for afoot. So the total cost can add up to $4000 to $20000 and in some cases, if the repair is severe the owners might have to pay $6000 to $12000 on an average.

For pipes that are broken and are 50 feet below in length, the lining can be done for an amount of $3000 to $4000 depending on the location of the damaged pipes.


For the complicated and messy plumbing works, trenchless methods are like a boon. As there will not be more damage to the properties it is always beneficial to the environment in the longer run.

The time that is required for this method is less and even the cost is also less as there won’t be any charges for excavation work and the damage costs that will be there in traditional methods of repairing sewer lines.

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