What Are the Attributes of Good F&I Manager


The finance and insurance department (F&I) is one of the most important areas of any automobile dealership. It is a revenue-generating center for the owners of the dealership. The manager in-charge of the F&I department is responsible for finalizing every car sale. Moreover, he or she has to take the necessary steps to ensure the customers receive the delivery of their new cars on time. In doing so, he has to assess the creditworthiness of every car buyer in the auto dealership. Most of them wish to take out a loan scheme to pay for their new car. He has to arrange for a suitable financier for them and prepare the necessary paperwork to close the deal successfully.

What are the duties of a good F&I manager for auto dealerships?

Owners of automobile dealerships know that the finance and insurance department is their primary money-earning arena. They need to ensure the person-in-charge of this department is capable of discharging his responsibilities effectively. He can be an in-house employee or an expert from a third-party company specializing in this service. He should have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to do his job successfully.  The primary duties of the manager of the finance and insurance department of an automobile dealership are as follows:

  1. Assess the creditworthiness of every potential customer wishing to buy a car from the auto dealership,
  2. Maintaining favorable working relationships with financial institutions that offer auto loans to potential customers,
  3. Determining the nature and conditions of the loan schemes the financial institutions offer car buyers,
  4. Preparing and processing vehicle leasing deals with potential customers according to stringent governmental regulations,
  5. The F&I manager needs to understand and abide by the statutory laws governing the sale of new and second-hand cars,
  6. Prepare all the legal paperwork to finalize every car sale and deliver the vehicles to the customers,
  7. Encourage the customers to purchase after-sale products like extended warranties and explain the plans to them in detail, and
  8. Conduct training sessions for the employees of auto dealerships on financial matters and car leasing schemes.

Qualities of a good manager responsible for the F&I department

The attributes of a good manager in-charge of the finance and insurance (F&I) department are as follows:

  • He should be honest and trustworthy,
  • He has to be a problem solver when it comes finding the right loan schemes for customers,
  • He should have exemplary networking skills to maintain good business relationships between customers and financers,
  • He should be capable of handling legal matters and relevant paperwork without any difficulties,
  • He should have good communication skills to train employees of car financing matters, and
  • He should have good time management skills.

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The F&I manager of automobile dealerships needs to focus on revenue generation for the auto dealerships. He should be committed to his job. He plays a crucial role in building business relationships with car buyers. He should be disciplined, informed, and proactive when it comes to problem and query resolution matters with his clients.

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