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Every industry has a type of gatekeeping system. Typically it is a type of test. For example, the nursing industry has the TEAS test. The law industry has the Bar. And the Physical Therapy industry has the NPTE. The NPTE is not an easy test to take and is filled with tricky questions. Using these NPTE practice questions, you can prepare you for your test.

Focus on the Important Stuff

The entire test is made up of 200 questions. The big three areas of study in physical therapy is musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular and Cardiopulmonary systems. These three areas basically cover all there is to study physical therapy. So if you focus on these three big areas, you will be sure to pass the test because that will be the majority of the information. Study hard, especially if you have trouble with one of these three areas. Focus on the area that troubles you the most.

Watch for Tricky Questions

Every test has a few tricky questions that are there to make sure that you are reading each question carefully. Be sure that you are aware that these questions will be there to trip you up and be ready for them. Look for questions with absolutes such as Always. These absolutes are typically not correct. This is because there is very rarely in life things that are absolutely absolute. So watch out for these when taking your NPTE.

Use All Your Resources

There are so many places to help you study for the NPTE. One of the most popular places is on the internet. There are practice tests and practice courses on the internet. Along with that, you can ask local physical therapists to help walk you through the things you will need to know. Be sure that you are well prepared by using all of your resources available to you.

Use Many Methods of Studying

Not all people learn the same, so it is important to have a well-rounded study guide. If you are more of a visual or hands-on learner then be sure that you have lots of time set up to be in the field and with a physical therapist. If you are more of a book learner then be sure that you have lots of study time set aside. But be sure to keep moving when studying to make it easier to study for longer periods of time.


Remember that even though this is like the most important test of your career, to relax. If your body and brain are nervous you may have problems regurgitating information that you know. Before taking the test, take ten minutes to relax. Splash water on your face, get a snack and get a drink. This can help you relax and breathe.

Don’t Make It Hard

Often times, as humans we have a way of building things up in our brain. Although the NPTE is very scary and intimidating just remember that it is theoretically filled with information that your studies should have taught you. So if you have been studying hard your entire career, then the NPTE will be easy. Don’t overthink the questions and use your common sense. Use these NPTE practice questions for your test preparation.


At the end of the day, the NPTE is just the gatekeeping test for the physical therapy career. If you know what you are doing and are currently a successful physical therapist than it should be no problem. If you have been studying hard and listening during class then relax, you have all the information that you need.

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