Will Workflow Automation promote data privacy or data threats?


With technology becoming a part of our lives, security is rising as a prime concern among the public. Whatever we do, almost all go through one type of technology. Data has it that the number of smartphone users is going to rise up to 5.27 billion. Considering the world’s population, it comes to around 67 in every 100 persons. We speak our private concerns through phone, we search almost everything through it baring our lives. And with automation on rising, industries alongside people who use their services are going anxious about their data too. The world saw their concern getting a shake further with the news of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. How is Workflow Automation different from other technology? And would even the Best Workflow Software USA provide people security against their data?

The main security concerns arise around few things: if the data that we share over the internet gets encrypted; if companies work towards saving the possible data breaches; what are the laws that defend people against such breaches; the ethical concerns about data at large getting used against an ethnicity; how much transparency do companies provide about their workings; what policies do company hold on their end in case of any data breach. A survey spoke that around 73% of customers consider Trust to be a prime decider in the company-customer relationship.

Workflow Automation, document automation software, and the privacy concern!

When it comes to workflow automation, companies convert their manual work processes into automated work processes using decision-tree logic and generating required documents ( In the long run, this automated workflow receives data, data crucial enough for the company or the person. It gets further crucial in the healthcare system that holds personal information about people. What if your report that the company automates to you gets leaked midway?

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is the law that protects people against the privacy breach. It not alone penalizes the data controllers in case of a data breach but also those who process the data. Top document automation software (USA) provide security against your privacy, for they do care for people. When opting for a document automation software, go through what security does that company provide and what are their policies against such breaches. In the year 2019, Facebook had to set aside a whopping sum of USD 5 billion for penalties against the mishandling of data.

Another thing to look for is how the company stores your data, and what backup facility do they hold in case of data loss. Important data gets fed to the automation servers, and those servers are always prone to some unforeseen tragedy. Various companies keep this in mind and make arrangements for data backups in case of any mishaps.

Data Privacy or Data Threat?

Looking at how GDPR is making laws against the privacy of personal data, companies are coming with security against those breaches. When you select a document automation company to automate your workflow go through the profile and have an outlook at how the software company provides you towards your security concerns. There must be data encryption in place, backup facilities against unforeseen losses, regular scanning to look for security issues, providing transparency, and regular updates regarding the same.

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