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Understanding the Types of Warehouse Racking Systems


Pallet racks are commonly used storage structures. They are ideal for both small businesses, retail stores and warehouses. If your business involves frequently loading bulky items, pallet racks will make ideal storage choices. That’s not all, though!  Rack Supplier Malaysia offers different warehouse racking systems, and understanding these helps you determine your best options.

What are the distinct types of warehouse racking systems?

1. Pushback racks

Pushback racks are also referred to as press-in shelves. They are high-density storage systems that feature a steel trolley. Pushback racks are installed at a certain slope which eases loading and offloading. You can get these storage solutions from Rack Supplier Malaysia, and store goods as far as 2-5 pallets deep. This way, you maximize your available space effectively.

2. Single-deep selective racks

These are perfect storage solutions for small to medium size warehouses. If you want to maximize your limited floor space, single-deep selective racks work wonders. They will help you pick items from both sides, maximize your vertical storage space, thus improving your operational efficiency and safety.

3. Double-deep selective rack

Double-deep storage racks are popular for their increased storage density. The Selective Racking System Malaysia resembles the single selective racks counterparts, but with pallets stored in two deep rows. What’s more? They require specialized handling equipment like forklifts, mostly known as a reach truck or units with a deep handling attachment.

Reach trucks require a counterbalance for efficient loading and offloading your pallets into trucks.  Articulated forklifts are also an excellent option. You can use them for deep narrow aisles and will still do the job of a counterbalance. When acquiring storage warehouse racks, it’s best to talk to the manufacturer, and they will guide you in picking the right tacks and proper handling equipment.

Which racking designs should I choose?

There are different varieties of racking designs. You can go for structural or teardrop racking.

Structural racking

Structural racking mostly benefits heavy-duty operations. It uses strong steel materials to provide reliable support for bulky goods. With this type of racking, the sliding beams are bolted into frames for a more secure lock. The rack is very strong but is costly to acquire and install.

Teardrop racking

Teardrop pallet racks are popular rack designs globally. They are simple, secure, safe and steady. What’s more? Teardrop racks are easy to assemble and disassemble, thanks to their simple design.

Final thoughts

There are various types of warehouse racking systems; the wide variety can make it overwhelming to choose the right stage solutions. However, you’ll get all the information you need when you buy your storage racks from a reputed manufacturer or vendor. The team will guide you in picking the right storage solutions for your requirements.

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