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5 Ways To Prolong Your HVAC Unit’s Life


Replacing an HVAC unit can be an expensive chore. This is why many homeowners do their best to avoid it as long as possible. Many savvy consumers utilize methods that prolong the life of their HVAC unit. This allows safety from costly upgrades, expensive part replacement, and the dreaded full replacement. Parts and upgrades are a double whammy as they include the price of the part itself and its installation. For homeowners with an expensive HVAC unit they would like to keep around, here are five working methods that can extend the life of that unit.

Give the Unit Some Downtime

A simple fix that can allow your HVAC to last longer is to simply turn it off every once in a while. The job of keeping any sized house cool or heated for a given length of time is taxing. It wears down your unit and your wallet all at the same time. In many cases, however, a lot of that hard work is not needed. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is a good idea for your thermostat to be set at the outdoor temperature. This way if the weather is just right your HVAC does not have to work at all. It also avoids the system having to constantly turn off and on again to maintain a particular temperature all year. The change can not only add time to your HVAC’s life but can also save you money on utility costs.

Give the HVAC Backup

An HVAC unit does not have to carry the load all by itself. One way to extend lifespan is to provide the unit with a little back-up. There are various small steps that can be taken to share an HVAC’s workload. Ceiling fans are one easy step. Ceiling fans circulate air and can be very helpful in cooling down space. They also allow for an HVAC to be turned down a bit as they can help carry the cold air it is creating to other rooms in the house. Window coverings are another easy solution. A simple curtain can keep warm sunlight out of a room during the hot days and let warm sunlight in on the cold days. Another easy fix is to seal up leaks. Leaks around windows let cold air out which adds to the work an HVAC has to do. Sealing them up keeps the cold and warm air in so the HVAC unit does not have to work as hard.

Regular Maintenence

A service that can extend the lifespan of an HVAC unit is routine maintenance. This not only carries a smaller cost than full repairs but ensures that the unit runs in top condition. A service such as Waxahachie TX heating repair will regularly change filters, lubricate, and check on settings. A trained service professional will ensure that an HVAC unit lasts as long as it possibly can. Services like Waxahachie TX heating repair will prevent oncoming problems and avoid the hassle of costly repairs before they start.

Keep the Unit Clean

A clean HVAC unit is a happy HVAC unit. It is also an HVAC unit that will not garner costly repairs and/or damage. The inside of a unit has an assortment of delicate components that can get hurt by various outside debris. So making sure that dirt, grass, and leaves are kept out of the unit is one way to extend lifespan. Just make sure that low hanging branches or any other outside deterrent like weeds are cleared away from the unit and it will automatically run longer.

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