A guideline to grow your money in 2020


Increasing one’s wealth is a common goal in society, which does not have any age limits or generation gaps. Everybody wants to see a growth in their investments, or simply, a growth in their money. In short, everyone wants to be rich.

While some people have differing opinions about what rich encompasses, it is a socially accepted definition that being rich is having enough cash-flow or money to have a stable future, financially. This also means that it is a goal that shouldn’t disrupt, in fact, only better one’s current lifestyle.

As an online stock trading company and a stock advisory company in Mumbai, we have collated a list of things and ways that could help one understand how to effectively grow money, and get richer!

1. Steady Investments

Being fickle minded or moody, is a trait that doesn’t not help in the stock market. Investing in mutual funds or the stock market is a long-term process after all! Investing more (or less) in the heat of the moment can be very troublesome. The excitement that one has while starting something new has to be sustained to have consistent investments ,With American Sign Letters.

The market is anyway dynamic, if one becomes dynamic with it, it could mean a loss of money. To eliminate this, one has to read the patterns of the stock market, keep upto date with information of the companies they are investing in and of course, they have to continue doing the same for investing in mutual funds as well. Another way is to look at stock market brokers, online stock trading companies and stock advisory companies.

2. Have an investment plan

A lot of early investors make the rookie mistake of putting their funds at one place, that they believe in. Sadly, believing in something doesn’t work in this ever-so dynamic market. To safeguard this, one should have an investment plan. Invest, but invest in a variety of options. What does this mean? You could invest in the stock market, start investing in mutual funds, real estate, and other liquid commodities like gold and other such channels of investment.

3. Start investing now

If you aren’t already an investor, you should start right away! Why do we say this? Because to see tangible growth in your investments, it takes time. Like they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So, to invest smartly, one should set up a goal and start early as per that deadline. This gives you an idea of how much money you need to be investing to get a certain amount of money saved each month.

4. Change investment plans with change in focus

As we grow older, our focuses, our goals, and our priorities, they change with our age. This is simply because of how much we learn with age and we start realising that finding a stock market broker or an online stock trading company takes precedence over which club one should go to.

So as these goals change, one’s investment plan and priorities in investing should change with it. Thinking of high risks and high rewards makes sense when one has years left to explore, as one grows older, along with their sensibilities, their investment should be wiser too.

5. Smart Investments

As you dive into the world of investments, you will see just how much misleading information exists out here, and how many people fall prey to it. One needs to stay away from such marketers and do their own research before entering the market. This is not to make you fearful, but to make you cautious. Having done your own research first, it will be difficult for anybody to convince you of schemes that look attractive, but are complicated to understand. Look for stock market brokers and advisory companies with a proven track-record.

6. Seek Advice

If you are under-confident about starting this journey of saving and investing, reach out for advice and help. This could start from your friends, who you know invest and similarly, family. This doesn’t mean you bank on the first person that sounds promising and confident. Ensure that you bank upon someone who can show you the numbers and their financial growth with it. If that seems to not suffice, start looking for stock advisory companies, online stock trading companies or stock market brokers.

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