Affordable Restos in North Island NZ


For many decades it has been a rite of passage for travelers to embark on a motorhome hire new zealand journey. There are so many things to see and do across this rugged and wondrous country that your average road tripper needs several visits in order to take it all in.

Affordable Restos in North Island NZ

If you happen to be checking out the North Island and, like most travelers, you are on a budget, then rest assured it is highly possible to enjoy some of the great fare on offer in the region for prices that won’t have you coming home broke.

Allegra House

Located in gorgeous Paihia, the Allegra House puts you within close range of a gorgeous beach as well as the legendary wharf that is the starting off point for many cruises. Right from your room you can watch as the sun sets over the water each evening, and all of the rooms are fitted with a great balcony overlooking the bay. The grounds are comfortable as well, featuring a stunning garden and friendly staff who will make you feel right at home.

Duke of Marlborough

Located right in the heart of the beautiful Bay of Islands, the Duke puts you within walking distance of terrific beaches, a range of marine life including dolphins, and the string of tropical islands that give this region its name. The hotel itself is known for its period décor and its balconies overlooking the bay and promenade. This has been a top rated resting spot since the 1830s and has played host to many thousands of travelers over the years looking to explore the pleasures of the bay of Islands.

Arcadia Lodge

The dining area on the balcony at Arcadia Lodge is legendary, with tables overlooking a vast panorama of sub tropical North island splendour. The rooms here are affordable and comfortable, with nice touches such as jars of cookies and books on the local wildlife adding flavour to your stay. This has long been noted as a prime resting point for travellers in the Russell region, so anyone on a motorhome hire new Zealand trip would do well to spend a night or two to unwind and recharge at the Arcadia.

The Crown Hotel

If the Hawk’s Bay region is on your destination list, then you should definitely look into spending some time at the Crown. This charming residence puts you right in the heart of the region’s great vineyards, its unspoiled beaches, and many miles of hiking trails. The seaside town of Napier is a short drive away. Overall the Crown is a great place to pull up your campervan and spend a couple of days hiking, swimming, sampling wines, and exploring the coast. Many of the rooms have water views and there is free parking for your campervan so you can get off the road for some much needed rest. 

Beachside Holiday Park

Sitting on the outskirts of Paihia, this comfortable and well attended camp looks out over a beautiful bay with an ideal pebbly beach perfect for scenic long walks. This is a bird watcher paradise with a wide range of rare species calling the area home. The rooms have all been updated and there is a communal cooking area that really adds a nice touch, plus a herb garden you are welcomed to pick from for your meals. Campervans are welcome on all the sites, and many of them offer water views. Unlike some of the more run down holiday parks in the region, this one is well-maintained and comfortable, offering travellers some much needed comfort and rest in the midst of a long journey.

Bethells Beach Cottages

Just outside of the amazing city of Auckland lies the Bethells Beach Cottages which, just like the name implies, put your right on the beach for your stay. With your feet in the warm sands, you can look up upon mountain vistas and crashing waves all around you. The location has a remote feel even though it rests within close range of Auckland, and the breakfasts here are known to be fresh and delicious. Each room features a kitchen, so you can cook your own meals in your room before heading out to watch the stunning sunsets over the water. Bethell’s beach is a glorious place to spend a few days of rest while travelling the North Island.

No matter how low your budget may be for your motorhome hire new zealand adventure, chances are you will be able to enjoy some great meals in legendary establishments. All you have to do is know where to eat and you can end up having a great foodie vacation on the Island without having to shell out a whole lot of cash. Of course you should do your own research depending on which region you will be in, but you can keep these establishments on your list.

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