Become a Pearl Master by Pin Pointing the Pearl Flaws


Pearls are exquisite and need to be bought with a thorough research.

How is the Value of the Pearl Determined?

Pearls are known for its lustre. Lustre represents how bright and shiny the pearl is. The shiner the pearl, the higher is its value. When you shop for pearls ensure that you enquire about the different pearl grades. Not all pearls are flawless. A little blemish here and there is a normal appearance.

If you find serious imperfections such as cracks, chips or gaps in the pearls, these are not authentic and you might want to move to the next shop for your pearl hunting. If you are looking for information on different types of pearls and their classification, you can find more here.

The Gemological Institute of America has categorized pearls flaws into four different categories:

• Clean – Here the pearls come with no defects or blemishes
• Lightly Spotted – Here the pearls have light blemishes that can be spotted through special equipment
• Moderately Spotted – The pearls will have spots or blemishes visible to the naked eye
• Heavily Spotted – These pearls will have a dull lustre and might have cracks or chips

The cleaner and spot free the pearl, the higher will be its value and vice versa. Some pearls such as the Tahitian pearls might have blemishes, which is pretty common for its type.

Different Types of Pearl Flaws

You simply cannot judge a book by its covers. Pearls, at a first glance will look classy and sophisticated, but on closer inspection, you might be able to distinguish its flaws. Some of the common flaws found in pearls are:

• Clips – These are small holes found on pearls due to thin nacre
• Bumps or Welts – These are irregular bumps that can be felt on the pearl surface
• Circles – These are subtle markings on a pearl and can be visible with special equipment
• Dents – These are blemishes that can be visible to the naked eye
• Knobs – These can either be pointed, short or long
• Pin pricks – These are small holes found on the pearl surface


Take your time when it comes to choosing pearls. You might come across many shops that claim to sell authentic pearls only to find that you have been easily duped with poor quality imitations.

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