Benefits Of Becoming An Insurance Agent In India


Insurance is one of the biggest markets in the economy right now and is also expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. India still has to tap a lot of areas that will boost the growth of this industry. Therefore, if someone is interested in making a career in insurance, this is the time.

How does one become an insurance agent in India?

To become an insurance agent in India, one must pass the insurance exam conducted by the IRDAI and also get the respective state license. To acquire any state license, an agent must clear all pre-licensing courses. Additionally, companies prefer people who have a graduation degree and have good selling skills.

What are the benefits of becoming an insurance agent?

  1. Can start earning early – An insurance agent can start selling policies right after completing 10th with us. One just requires convincing skills and a drive to sell out policies to as many customers as you can.
  2. Work for yourself – When you work independently, you have the liberty to work, to decide the working hours as per your convenience. You can also build your client base as per your methods and finally, full dedicated for making customers and provide policies to them. As in this field, word of mouth accelerates growth.
  3. Helps in Building a regular source of income – This industry gives you the option to explore any region you want. After spending a good amount of time on building a base initially, one can enjoy regular cashflow as pay-out with minimum effort eventually. The earning doesn’t stop on year one, it goes upto the age you would like to work and earn. This guarantees income and loyal customer base.
  4. Minimum investment – The only investment which is required is your laptop/smart phone and good internet connectivity. Your efforts are an added advantage which determines your income. The more efforts you put in, there is no limit to the amount that you can earn in a month.
  5. Flexible timings – When you are an independent insurance advisor, there is no fixed time frame that you need to adhere to. There is no fixed time that you have to invest. You decide your own timing as you are your own boss. You can either be a home-maker, a retired individual or even work part-time along with your job. Whichever way you wish to work, you will be rewarded for your efforts.
  6. You get to help people – An insurance policy is a tool that helps people to save money. By encouraging people to take a policy, you help them save a lot of money during their testing times. This way, you not only impart your knowledge for the better good, but you also grow as an insurance expert.
  7. Expert Inputs – Once you associate yourself with an established organization, you get to learn a lot about the field through constant training and attending workshops. Since the industry is so dynamic, the learning never really ends.
  8. Minimum paper-work – Being an agent in modern times does not involve carrying a bunch of papers everywhere. Because of digitalization, everything is on an app or through websites. There is no hassle of physically maintaining data.
  9. Time Saving– As policy issuing is done online, you do not have to visit your customer and it saves your travelling time and cost involved in travelling.

Therefore, there is no end to learning or helping people — this is one of the most rewarding and growing industry to be a part of. So, if you have the skill in you, apply to become one today!

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