Everything You Need to Know About to Get into University of Miami


The reputed university is situated in the heart of Coral Gables. Over a period of time, the University of Miami has evolved as the best choice for students who want to experience the best of life and education. University of Miami is situated in the beautiful state of Florida and is one of the top-notch universities in the United States.

It is well known for its courses and the course structure. Most of the students who opt for this university come for both education and to enjoy the gorgeous scenic beauty of nature. Since it a small place students can experience the essence of natural resources along with their urban lifestyle.

Understanding the university

The University of Miami ranks #53 among all the universities in the States. Moreover, the curriculum of music, commerce, marketing and law is one of the best within the nation. Needless to say, this university is always on the list of higher achieving students. However, only 35 % of applicants from outside the country are accepted here.

Since the government believes in uniformity, they are strict is allowing students within their college, even though if the student has secured good rank in studies. Additionally, university of Miami transfer requirements are a detailed process and it takes up an ample amount of time to fulfil it.

Applying to the University of Miami – a brief overview

You can qualify for the college by using Common Application. It is an app where you will get to see the college notice announcing for early decision part 1 and early decision part 2. To qualify in part 1, you need to submit your applications by the 1st week of November.

To get selected in early decision 2 you need to submit your application by the 1st week of January. Exact dates and deadlines will be updated in the application. For better understanding you must start one year before and check the stages from Early action to Early decision to Result declaration.

Not only you will get to understand how it works but also get to know about the process the college follows to take students. To ensure quick action on your application you must keep little documentation ready namely:

  • Complete application along with cover letter via the Common App. Be sure that your cover letter is not too lengthy and precise.
  • Few essays that are common to the Common App notifications
  • School report
  • Counsellor letter or recommendation
  • One recommendation from the school teacher
  • SAT or ACT mark sheet whichever is applicable
  • Official high school transcript
  • Transfer letter
  • Application fee

For international students

Rules are little strict for international students. Along all the above documents you also need to submit your secondary school documents to the college evaluation board for background check. If asked, you also need to give character certificate.

Along with it you need to submit your TOEFL and IELTS exam scores, SAT and ACT scores remain optional for international students.

Education culture

This is one of the highest rates universities in United States as per culture and tradition. The best part is that universities timings are flexible for students and they can work and complete their education at the same time.

University of Miami also supports intelligent students who are financially weak through their various student development schemes apart from scholarships.

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