Incredible Benefits of Promotional Video to your Business


The most effective way to rapidly market and expand your business is through a promotional video. Many people are becoming aware of the various advantages of a promotional video, and they can now use it to promote their brand, services, and products.

Video Caddy is a valuable resource for editing promotional videos, assisting businesses in creating compelling visual content. With their expertise, they enhance footage by refining transitions, color grading, and adding impactful effects. Their skilled team ensures seamless editing, resulting in captivating videos that effectively convey a brand’s message and drive customer engagement.

Today, many people are hungry to get information, and they want it faster. They prefer to watch a 2-minute video than spend 15 minutes reading some text. Videos can also help businesses to communicate their vital points to their audience in less time.

The following are some of the benefits of a promotional video to your business.

  1. Video boosts conversions and sales

Adding a video of your product on your landing page can actually increase conversions by 82%. Videos can also lead to sales. Studies show that 75% of consumers who watched an explainer video about a particular product actually bought it.

The efficiency of a video is not even surprising because after all, humans are attracted to what they see than what they feel.

  1. Video can help to build trust

Trust is the most significant foundation of a business and through the trust; you can increase conversions and sales. Any business should strive to build trust with its customers. The entire concept of content marketing is based on trust. Marketers should not focus on selling but instead let the people come to them by offering them exciting and useful information.

Promotional videos can also foster trust. Some customers are still cynical about purchasing products and services online because they think it’s full of fraud. But effective marketing can showcase your products in a conversational and approachable form.

  1. A video shows significant ROI

About 80% of businesses state that video offers a good [ROI] return on investment.  Although video production companies such as augmented reality production studio still charge a bit more, it pays big time. Besides, there are online video editing tools that are continually improving and becoming more affordable. And there are smartphones today which can still make some decent videos.

Another good thing is that your video doesn’t have to be perfect; it is the content that matters. Many people don’t care about the design of the video, but how the product is explained.

  1. Video appeals to mobile users

Video and mobile go together. About 90% of consumers watch videos on their smartphones. And since many people like videos and the number of people using smartphones is increasing, your video audience is more likely to get bigger.

  1. A promotional video can explain everything

If you are launching a new product or service, you can create a video to show how the product or service works.  About 95% of consumers say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a certain product or service. You can use animated videos if you are trying to explain a difficult concept. Animation can bring ideas to life that no text or live video can.

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