Make Your Style A Statement


Fashion Is a Girl’s Best Trend!

Every girl wants to look her best, and in today’s society, that’s not hard to do, as a large variety of fashion statements are trending nowadays, consisting of vibrant colorful cosmetics, to unique hairstyles, fashions, and accessories. With so many choices, how could you go wrong?

Why Color Plays A Big Role In Fashion

Did you know that colors can change the way you appear to look? It’s true, for instance, dark shades of colors can make you appear thinner than you really are, and in contrast, lighter shades of colors usually make you appear more heavy or larger than normal. Needless to say, if you are more on the lighter side, than go light for light, and wear lighter clothing, thus those a bit heavier should go the darker route.

Make Your Style A Statement

There are also certain colors that can bring out the best in you, making you appear more radiant and attractive. Yet others may not get along so well with that shade, in fact, they may look dull and lifeless in the same color that set off a spark in you. Everyone has their own best colors. Therefore, it’s important to take colors into consideration where fashion is concerned.

Now that we did the easy part, and found the perfect colors, we need to find out which style to wear that will bring out your figure.

Figuring Out Fashion That Fits Your Figure

The first rule, “only flaunt it, if you got it”! Very important rule to remember ladies.

I know how bad you may want to wear that little tight black dress, with the hole in the middle that exposes your belly, after seeing how great it looked on someone who was wearing it at the mall. But, before you wear it, just make sure, you wear it well.

Remember, not everyone will look the same in the same clothing. Matter-of-fact, what looks great on one person may have an opposite effect on another and look revolting. Which is why you should develop your own style of fashion especially if you are a women who wear clothes of larger sizes, and never base what you wear on how someone else looks in it unless they have a stature that’s almost identical to yours.

So, if you try something on that doesn’t seem to do your figure any justice, then toss it, and move on. There are too many fishnets in the sea, to sulk over one dress.

Try some other styles on for size, you are bound to find something that, not only looks good but feels good as well.

Ever heard the saying, “Don’t spit out your gum before you chew it?” No? Me neither, but it’s the same with a dress, never reject something that you think will look bad, without trying it on first. You may be surprised to find it looks fabulous on you!

Also, it is of the utmost importance, to always check yourself out in a full body length mirror when trying on clothing.

Here’s what to look for when trying on dresses:

  • Check your hips and belly, make sure they are not bulging out. Or, if you are wearing a girdle, make sure your hips and upper stomach, are not compensating for the belly loss and protruding.
  • Are your bosom large enough to fill in the gaps? If so, are they safely tucked in, and are you certain they will stay that way?
  • Would you be able to bend over and tie your shoe, without ripping the dress, or breaking the zipper?
  • Does the color highlight your skin tone, or does it look dull and seamlessly boring?
  • If the dress is strapless or has thin spaghetti straps… Raise both arms up at your sides, like if you’re getting ready to do a cartwheel, but before jumping, stop and take a look at what’s going on above the fabric, is the skin of your back, or under your arms, bulging over the dress?
  • Is the length above your knees, yet below your rump?

Accessories and Hair Styles Go Together In The Fashion World

Ah the fun part of fashion, dress to impress, by dressing up your dress.

So, you know what your best color is, and you found the perfect dress in that color, now to add the frosting to the cake.

The good thing about accessorizing is, you can add a little, or you can add a lot of anything, and look divine!

The best way to decide how to wear your hair, and what accessories to add in, is to experiment… or you can even use the process of elimination, and cast out what not to add in, until you narrow it down to the final compliments.

Either way, if you follow my advice, you will look spectacular, or you aren’t going anywhere dressed like that.

Starting with the must-add basics: Handbag, jewelry, maybe sunglasses? It’s your party, so I’ll let you pick and choose. Your own accessories. My advice is to look for quality products for fair prices.

As far as hairstyles go… different fashion-styles-requires different hair-styles. Besides, you should never wear the same hairstyle all the time, it gets boring. Live a little, have fun, be feisty, be daring, and try different things with your hair or even colors. Just like trying on dresses, make sure the hairstyle fits before you wear it.

Now you know how to choose the perfect dress, hairstyle, and accessories to go along with it to look your best! You no longer have to settle for being just an average, everyday woman, who follows trends by seeing them in a magazine. Be a trendsetter and let everyone follow your lead.

Don’t just get all dressed up with no place to go. You got to show-off your style, and maybe even set trends. Call a friend and go out on the town, or go see a movie at the theatre, have dinner or just have fun!

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