Private Wealth management finds an able advisor in Michelle Marquez


Those investors who have a high net worth are the privileged ones to enjoy the advantages of private wealth management; a personal wealth manager is assigned to every such individual. The work of an advisor of private wealth management like Michelle Marquez is to first comprehend the clients financial standing, and then crafting a proper financial plan.

Private Wealth management

The suggestions given by such an advisor generally include estate planning, mortgage planning, stock handling, taxes, as well as retirement plans. There are two issues relating to private wealth that is different for individuals from that of institutions, namely:

  1. When a comparison between the existence of an individual and an institution comes, the latter has a finite one, which means it has to come to an end. And when that end comes it brings along with it a transfer of assets; these are carried out by adhering to certain rules and regulations. The rules pertaining to this accumulation is different for different regions of the world and hence the approach to them is varied as well.
  2. Every region has its own set of rules for taxes, individuals are faced with more taxes than institutions depending on the returns from their income they get.

The task of managing private is not an easy one and a rather time consuming thing, and beaucse these affluent clients do have that kind of knowledge and time to invest, it is precisely why there are private wealth management firms such as the one owned by Michelle Marquez. It is very important that the experience of the advisor is taken into consideration before recruiting, because after all, you have worked really hard to accumulate that amount of wealth, and would not want to lose it.

An efficient financial advisor will design strategies that comply with the individual’s risk tolerating capacity and financial goals. The client may or may not directly interact with the management firm manager, this is often done by the client’s personal manager or accountant. One vital task of any wealth management is to generate the income of the client and work towards increase the present wealth status. They must employ every experience they have gathered over the years with regard to investments for this purpose.

Preservation of capital and protection of assets is another reason these managers are employed by the HNW ( high net worth) individuals. Divorce orany other marital issues, property disputes, succession, etc. are some of the causes that put the assets at stake, this is when the protection has to be tight and the management head has to be a step ahead of the others involved in the case. They ought to know the ways in which to settle such disagreements and get the best deal for the client.

Finally, these private wealth managements are extremely helpful in the handling of taxes of all sorts as they provide strategies that enable these clients to pay an amount of tax that complies with the laws and yet doesn’t pinch their pocket.

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