Top 3 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas


Getting a birthday gift for a friend is always tricky, because you can never be quite sure of what will go over well. On the one hand you want something that’s thoughtful, but at the same time you don’t want it to come off as cheesy. So what’s the solution here? Well we’ve put together 3 best friend birthday gift ideas that hopefully will get the wheels spinning. Don’t stop with these ideas though. Use them as a starting point.

Matching phone cases designed to bring together one message

Do you remember those heart shaped chains people used to purchase where when you put them together they became a full heart? Yes, they might have come off a little sappy, but they worked and they were really popular.

Well you can purchase matching phone cases for you and your best friend for their birthday. There will be a message that is formed when both of the cases are brought together. The message should be something good, but also something appropriate for the occasion.

A nice pair of cozy house slippers

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice pair of house slippers? The key here is to have an idea as to what your best friend is into. For instance they may be into marvel comics. So getting them something that had this theme would work. Maybe they’d just appreciate something that was really comfortable.

You can also find house slippers that are designed to be more of a gag then anything. For instance the slippers that make certain noises when you take steps in them. On a serious note though, a good pair of house slippers make for a good birthday gift for a friend.

Personalized t-shirts with a thoughtful message on them

T-shirts with personalized messages on them are nothing new, but you’d be surprised at how much they are appreciated if some real thought is put into them. You can get a matching t-shirt for you and your friend and even have a message that only comes fully together when each of you wear the shirt.

Personalized items don’t have to stop with t-shirts either. You can decide to get specific jewelry personalized or mugs, dinnerware or even a bathrobe. You can create custom picture books to give to a friend on their birthday as well.

These days with so many ways to keep someone entertained it would seem like purchasing some form of consumer electronic item would be the best way to go. But consumer electronics are so impersonal and chances are that a friend will already have as many of them as they need to begin with. The birthday gift ideas mentioned above might seem simple at first, but they are designed to be thoughtful. You can reach for more elaborate gifts if you’d like, especially if your budget calls for it. Just remember though, when it comes to birthday gifts for a friend you’ve had for a while it’s certainly going to be the thought that counts.

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