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Top 5 Restaurant Table Designs of 2020


When people plan to eat outside the home, the first aspect they will look for in a restaurant is the quality of the food and how the food is served. But the restaurant tables play an important role in deciding the entire interior ambience of the restaurants. The interior decor of the restaurants can create an impact on the psychology of the customers from ordering the food to the amount of money they spend on the food. So it is important for the restaurant owners to know how the restaurant table design is equally important as a part of the venue. Before buying, it is important for the restaurant owners to know more about the restaurant tables.

The style of restaurant tables

There are mainly two types of restaurant table styles that a restaurant owner can opt for. They are portable and anchored.

Portable style:

Portable restaurant tables can be placed anywhere. The seats are kept much away from the walls, and sometimes in the middle of the room. They can be rearranged and can take in many people.

Anchored style:

Anchored style refers to the table settings that are attached to the floor. This type of furniture is space-efficient and can easily be renovated. But it cannot be rearranged to accommodate a larger number of guests.

Top Restaurant Table Designs of 2020

People prefer to choose aesthetic for their business. Now we will discuss the different designer restaurant tables that are mostly seen nowadays. They are:

The Desk type of restaurant table

The desk type of restaurant table is a multifunctional piece of furniture. This sort of table pulls apart from the centre part and thus makes the room look like a metal stroller. It also holds many-sided areas that can accommodate serving dishes, serving bowls, cutlery boxes etc. It is mostly manufactured from natural stone. The desk type of restaurant table is perfect for modern restaurants.

The ping pong restaurant table

A Singaporean architect Hunn Wai designed the ping pong restaurant table. It is crafted with a beautiful floral arrangement. The gold coated German Rocco pattern beautifies the margins of the black tabletop. The table stands on six hard and durable timber tables.

The Tavola restaurant table

The Tavola restaurant table comes from Italian interior firm. It is available only in two colours, white and black with a glass top on the surface. It comes with the combination of classic design with the modern style. The Tavola restaurant table has a wooden structure lacquered with either white or black tempered glass. The modern wavy lines accomplish the restaurant table an impressive mixture of the classic in inside and modernity in the outside.

The Cervino restaurant table

The Cervino restaurant table is designed mainly at German furniture developers Cattelan Italia. The table rests on the marble legs and the marble legs come in an elegant shade of grey colour. The surface makes this restaurant table a majestic choice. The tables are finished with a modern metal touch which makes it suitable to give a contemporary look.

The Action restaurant tableĀ 

The Action restaurant table is available with all-around steel covered table. This table can allow a maximum of 10 people at a time, thanks to its extendable glass top. The table comes with a charming design and are hard and durable. The legs of the restaurant table come in various colours like oak, wenge, satin steel, white or black glossy lacquered in cream colour.

Some of the marvellous restaurant tables of the world are discussed above and this helps you to choose the perfect restaurant table.

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