Relevance of Backlinks in SEO


There has been a monumental shift in the marketing pattern in the recent years. In this era of the internet, a lot of emphasis is laid on digital marketing and the conventional methods of marketing have sort of withered away. Today, digital marketing is the main focus and SEO plays a huge role in a successful marketing campaign.

SEO gives marketers a huge edge over their competitors. By incorporating Search engine optimisation in your marketing scheme, you can zero in on your prospective customers without targeting those who are not in a need of your product or service. This also saves you a lot of hard-earned money as you would end up spending up less than usual.

Since the internet is ubiquitous, you can successfully launch a marketing campaign that reaches all of your customer bases. This far reach of the internet has made digital marketing a very powerful tool. To incorporate SEO successfully in marketing, you need expertise in the field because if done in a shoddy manner, it would end up squeezing zero results.

If you have a business in Sydney and are looking for SEO Sydney, then the best option available to you is the Australian Advertising Agency. They have been in the business for a long time and they have the required expertise to handle all of your digital marketing ad campaigns with great ease. they are certified partners of Google and Facebook.

They focus on not just placing your webpage on a good rank, but they also ensure that solid returns are reflected by that rank. They ensure that your page is turned into a revenue-generating machine by organic SEO. They work in direct contact with their clients to make content such as blogs and videos which generates traffic on their page.

Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks, also known as inbound incoming links, are formed when one webpage links to another. One of the primary criteria which Google considers while ranking a page on the search engine result page is the number of backlinks that it has. These backlinks, when from some reputed websites, serve as a vote of confidence for your organic webpage.

The benefit of using backlinks is that they indicate to Google that a certain website found the content of your webpage useful and has used it for reference. The greater the number of backlinks, the more credible the information on the webpage becomes and better it ranks on the search engine rank page.

How are backlinks earned?

Backlinks are a great off-page strategy. There are three ways of earning backlinks –

1- Natural links- these require no action on behalf of the website owner. The finest way to gain natural links is to make the best quality content.

2- Manual links- one of the greater ways of gaining these links is guest blogging.

3- Self-created links- these are generated by the site manager. While it sounds very easy, it also bends towards black hat SEO which is prohibited by Google.


One of the finest ways to get your website on the top ranks of the SERP is to make the best quality content and have as many quality backlinks as possible.

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