Top Reasons why you should send your child to leading Nurseries in Abudhabi?


Abu Dhabi is a prominent city of UAE having a population of around 2.7 million.  A substantial number of foreigners reside in Abu Dhabi. So, the requirement of education, besides others, also has to be met. There are different models of nurseries for children in this city. One can easily locate the best nurseries in Abudhabi with a little online help. These childcare facilities usually prepare children for good primary education. Such facilities are under the control by the Ministry of Education, UAE. The task of a nursery is very significant for which taking the services of skilled and experience person is quite necessary. One of the Leading British nurseries in Abu Dhabi is the Bright Kids Nursery.

Bright Kids Nursery childcare services.

Bright Kids Nursery was founded in 2012. It follows the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) methods in a Montessori environment. It renders childcare services for children up to 5 years which are safe and value worthy for which it is considered to be the Leading nurseries in Abudhabi. We have six different branches all over Abu Dhabi. They are at Al Muroor, Bain Al Jesrain, Al Najda, Al Manaseer and Khalifa City A. The latest one that has come up is in Al Ain – Al Sarooj. Besides all of these we are extending 3 more branches. The main branch of Bright Kids Nursery is Al Muroor, located in Abu Dhabi.

The Bright Kids Nursery is built on the support three main pillars. These pillars are “innovation, dreams and connections to the future.” The curriculum that is basically pursued here upholds the progress of modernism, inventiveness, exploratory and ideas among the children. We believe in building playful learning for the children by putting into practice the Montessori program. This approach emphasizes a child to look closely at others and learn and further show what they observed. Being best nurseries in Abudhabi we also need to lay emphasis on how children observe and learn this is significant in assessing them. The Montessori approach is perfect for the progress of children’s education and growth. The Montessori way of teaching children blended with the EYFS method has been a great medium in this new era. This is what makes our nursery the in UAE.

Facilities at Bright Kids Nurseries-

We, Bright Kids Nursery boast of resources that are sourced from across the world and the facilities are also contemporary. We get involve very affectionately and attentively to build an environment that is so important for the children. We ensure that the quality of this environment plays a significant role on the education of the children. For this very reason extra care is taken for selecting the colors, sound and the lights. The tag of best nurseries in Abudhabi doesn’t comes that easy, we put lot of efforts to achieve it.

We, the Bright Kids Nursery assure to carry on the endeavor of providing a more strong foundation for the children’s of UAE. We would be cementing our educational course so that all the children realize their own potential. What we strive most to achieve is a child would come here every day with a beaming smile across her/his face and go back home with the same smile. We are aiming to build a secure, compassionate, blissful and calm atmosphere which would facilitate highest standard of education, growth and improvement of every child in UAE. We are committed to teach the children by applying the fun-filled approach. It is so because a child learns quicker when her/his activities are filled with playful excitement.

We put our utmost efforts to bring about superior understanding among children. Making use of most up-to-date modern technology in our learning curriculum keeps us ahead of others. For best nurseries in Abudhabi it is very much important to implement coding for a child.

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