Four Effective Paraphrasing Strategies To Follow


Paraphrasing is one of the most important aspects of writing, especially when the writer has to grab ideas from others and translate it into his/her own words. This is all about paraphrasing, effective and powerful paraphrasing means the better writing of content. This article will focus on the four most important strategies that you should keep following while writing your content.

If you’re having hassle rewriting a text efficaciously, try following these steps: And you can also make use of an online free paraphrase tool and try to get the essence of paraphrasing. But before that you should go through all the strategies listed below:

Reread the unique passage you wish to paraphrase, searching up any words you do no longer apprehend, until you observed you recognize the total idea that means of and aim at something important and the back of the writer’s words.

Next, cowl or hide the passage. Once the passage is hidden from view, write out the writer’s idea, to your own words, as in case you have been explaining it to your trainer or classmates. This practice will make it free from plagiarism and avoid any plagiarism penalties that may bring harm to your written content.

After you have completed writing, check your account of the writer’s concept towards the originally written content. While comparing the two, ask yourself the following questions:

Q1 Have I appropriately addressed the author’s thoughts in a new way that is unique to my writing style and scholarly voice?

Q2 Have I attempted to replicate the writer’s concept or have I simply modified words round in his/her basic/original sentence(s)?

Last, encompass a citation, which need to incorporate the writer’s name, the date of publication, and the web page or paragraph number (if available), immediately following your paraphrase otherwise you might miss it adding and run the risk of plagiarism.

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