How To Choose The Right Flour?


When it comes to the essential ingredient in the life of any baker, flour stays on top of the list. It is the foundation based on which a baker adds taste to different food items. Used in nearly every recipe, Italian 00 flour and other flours comprise the highest percentage of baked goods.

Despite the enormous role being played by flour in the kitchen of every baker, the ingredient is often overlooked by many. Well, when it comes to flour, people think that it is just flour. But, this is not so. Flours are available in different types, and not all of them are created equal.

This post is all you need to go through if you are still not aware of different types of flour. Here, we will tell you about the different kinds of flour and how you should choose the right one.

How to tell about different types of flour

When it comes to talking about different types of flour, protein content and quality are two important considerations. If you find it difficult to differentiate between different kinds of flour, here is a quick rundown for you.

Self-rising flour with 8.5% protein content

Biscuit bakers across the world love self-rising flour because of its creamy and lighter texture. It is used to yield light pancakes, biscuits, and scones while saving a lot of time in the kitchen.

Italian flour with 8.5% protein content

Italian pizza flour is often considered best to cook a pizza. Also known as 00 flour, it is a finely textured flour with low protein content. It is best used to cook pizza and pasta. You can easily buy 00 flour online and make it an essential part of your kitchen.

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So, whenever you crave a pizza or pasta, use 00 flour to cook the same in Italian style.

All-purpose flour with 11.7% protein content

When it comes to the most versatile flour, all-purpose flour comes into play. It comes with moderate protein content, and you can use it in any recipe that requires flour. No doubt you can use the all-purpose flour in any recipe, it is best used for baking cookies, bread, muffins, and pie crust.

Bread flour with 12.7% protein content

When it comes to baking yeast bread, the higher the protein content in the flour, the better is the potential rise of the bread. It does not matter if you wish to bake buns, bagels, pizza dough, or sandwich loaves, bread flour can be the best flour to use.

Whole wheat flour with 14% protein content

Whole wheat flour is made by milling the whole wheat, including both outer bran and inner germ. Grinding the entire grain makes the flour more nutritious while adding a more robust flavor to the same. You can either use it in baking a whole wheat sandwich bread or add it to any other baked goods recipe.

Where to buy the best quality flour?

When it comes to buying flour for different purposes, people generally prefer visiting the local market to buy the same. Well, you don’t have to do the same. You can easily purchase high-quality Italian flour for pasta or any other purpose by being in the comfort of your home.

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Many online platforms sell different types of best quality flour. So, why visit a local store and buy a standard product when you can order genuine Italian flour while staying where you are.

Wrapping it up

Cooking is fun, and it is an adventurous ride for the bakers across the world. The ride becomes more enjoyable when the bakers get the right, high-quality ingredients in their kitchen. Now that you know about different types of flours and their protein content, we believe you will buy the right one, depending on the purpose for which you need it.

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