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From choosing a venue to processing your wedding dress, planning your honeymoon and much more, wedding invitations are often overlooked. Though they seem like more straightforward tasks to organize in the run of your big day, there is a lot more to consider with these small unique pieces of paper. Along with saving your date, invitation tones about a big day and gives a glimpse of events happening. Before you eagerly pop those paper goods in mails, you need to research everything thoroughly from formatting to style and much more.

Thankfully, Indian Wedding Cards tips will help you mail you invites without a hitch.

  • Define your style

Along with enumerating the date, time of day, venue, the invitation has to be more specific about style. It hints about the formality of your wedding. Your guest would have an idea for the type of event you are organizing – classic, elegant, glam, modern, casual or any other. Before you jump ahead, choose the invitation style that symbolizes your big day.

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  • Invest time in choosing wordings

Whether you go for foil or letterpress, well-pitched wordings translate your feelings for the big day. The wording should be well thought and drafted before placing your order. Indian wedding cards include a listing of location, date, time and much more.

  • Decide themes

From simple to floral elements and elegant to vintage design, these styles can be mostly applied to wedding invitation cards. The vintage style adds design elements of the older area and rustic include wooden patterns, barn accents and others. Floral invitations offer plenty of flowers and nature-inspired designed features.

  • Colours

Online Wedding Cards’ right colours depend on theme and style. You might want to incorporate hues and motifs in your invitation style, and carryforwards to ceremony programs, menus for a cohesive look. Ivory, cream, while can be paired with black or gold font that is the epitome choice for formal wedding invitations.

  • Don’t overcrowd the card.

List only critical points in your wedding invitation. Squeezing too much content in the invitation card makes it harder to read and won’t look elegant. You could add a separate enclosure card for additional pre-wedding or post-wedding activities.

  • Consider budget

Although this may seem an obvious one, it isn’t easy to do so. Most of us who are not familiar with industry are unaware of printing costs and pricing of wedding invitations. Ensure that cardstock and lined enveloped are worth the cost to you.

  • Know the trend

Know about the trend for your wedding invitation as this dictates the look and feel entire. Look for glossy, matte, cotton fibre or other materials that complement different textures and design of wedding invitations. Along with accessories, there are smaller additions that set your invitations apart. Adding a few enclosures, embossed design, envelopes, stamps elevate the style of your invitation card.

  • Figure out the number of cards

Prepare a guest list; if they wind up at 75 to 80, then you might consider to buy 100. You should order some extra to avoid last-minute printing for additional guests.

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