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Music is such a versatile art form, varying from classical to jazz and even hip hop. There are many moving parts to the music industry, and becoming a successful musician can be immensely difficult. Here are a few things you should know before deciding to venture into the world of professional musicians.

1. Labor Intense

Although in 2019 the average length of a song was just 3 minutes and 42 seconds, much more time was spent getting the song to the version you hear on the radio. A song must be written, recorded, edited and then marketed before even having a shot at being played on the radio. 

2. About 40,000 New Songs on Spotify

Each day roughly 40,000 new tracks are added to Spotify. That is a huge number of songs and means that it is becoming harder and harder for aspiring musicians to get their music heard.

3. Entertainment Lawyers are Essential

Nothing gets done in the entertainment industry without lawyers, and the music industry is no exception. One entertainment lawyer in particular, John Branca, has taken his clients’ careers to soaring heights, boasting more than 30 clients in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As an entertainment lawyer, Mr. Branca has helped protect the rights of his clients to the proceeds their art generates.

4. Many New Artists Are Found Online

In years past, music talent scouts checked out clubs and listened to demos to find talented musicians. Today, they go through a plethora of music available online instead of relying as heavily on in-person scouting. 

5. Three Record Companies Have Huge Stake in Industry

Although there are countless songs available to stream, just three record companies hold approximately 65% of the music industry market share in the United States. Universal Musical Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group are the biggest names in the country’s music industry. 

6. Musicians Receive a Fraction of Revenue

Musicians are paid only a small fraction of the revenue generated from their songs. The actual number is reported to be around 12 percent of that revenue.

In the music industry you’ve got to be relentless in your pursuit if you want to succeed. Understanding how entertainment lawyers aid in the success of musicians, how time consuming a career in music will be, how many songs are available to stream online, the heavy reliance of scouting new talent online and how much power the major record companies possess will assist you in your goal of becoming a musician.

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