How teaching has changed with the infusion of experience and technology


With the addition of newer method and learning techniques today, the skill of teaching alongside learning has immensely changed. We need to understand that the knowledge our parent had and then their parent had can not be compared evenly slightly by the education and knowledge that is being taught even at the lowest levels let alone the higher one. Today the question is not how to improve English speaking and writing, instead the question is what technique would be a better fit to use in improving English speaking and writing. This goes on to show that how the times have changed from earlier where the learning and the teaching mannerism had become almost monotonous and bland.

We used to take English vocabulary test in the traditional days while today, we see that these of assignments are done in a way that is not only more exciting for children, but also helps to encourage them in putting their focus into education. There are numerous ways in which variables for teaching have changed from the traditional ways, some of them are as follows:


Today teachers have more data than ever regarding the type of students and their perspectives. While this information alone can improve the methods of teaching, but today information regarding infusing students mindset with the techniques for learning that can help the student to better understand the content are also available. From this, teachers do not opt to repeat the same boring spelling lesson they had been teaching for years, instead hey have now developed methods in shapes of tasks and assignment which not only gets the work done, but is better as it makes students more excited to learn and hence, give in extra efforts.

The Widespread of Teachers

In the old ways, students usually spent a small proportion of their time before they forget the teachers and their teaching in studies and in morals equally. A major reason for this is the distance that was created since one a teacher has taught you and fulfilled their obligation to the school they would most probably never meet you again. But today there are multiple avenues for students to stay connected with their teachers even from their childhood. Today connecting to any teacher and getting their produced material is easy to get hold of. This helps teacher to keep their influence strengthened on their students and help refresh their memory.

Media used as a helpful tool

Providing a bridge between digital media and teaching has made the art of teaching go across the seven seas. Today, if a teacher uploads his or her lecture on the YouTube, students of all race, gender, ethnicity and age would at some time of their life would probably look at your video as an instrument for educational purposes. This meantthat using digital media is one way how people can provide knowledge without suffering the hassle of wasting time and setting up the whole lecture, as this can be done at the convenience of their own house.

Applications have played an instrumental role

Many schools under the pandemic situations have shifted their operations to digital mediums through the use of applications, which are easily available on the internet. This is the reason why today education has become convenient in terms of time and place. These applications have diversified themselves into not only education industry but have also shifted into corporate sectors. Applications such as zoom have experience a massive increase in their daily users.


Education have reached a place where mobility is essential in the current scenario since people today are connected simultaneously as they are engaged in other matters as well. Hence, multitasking has prevailed due to the mobility technology has brought. Mobility however requires a lot of self monitoring analysis as well as different strategies in order to make the entire model work properly. Management conducts different reviews regarding their content and also use second and third screens . Also, they will connect with different experts. Skype with different classrooms as well other students is also a part of this.

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Engagement with different school and college collaborations in order to conduct project based learning as well as participating in different types of learning like experimental learning etc. This is far below without paying specific attention to various elements, and designs of different mobility aspects of mobile learning. Due to mobility, a dramatic change has occurred in education. However, this means that teaching is not only mobile but also very convenient and accessible amongst other great benefits. Teaching as well as learning has become a much more easy and accessible process especially on different devices like computers, laptops as well as tablets.

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